Moldova approved a new procedure of appointment of judges

PHOTO : / Igor Medvedev


Career aptitude test. The government of Moldova approved a new procedure for the appointment of judges of the constitutional court, one third of which with a higher authority delegates the government. Maia Sandu, the Prime Minister announced the creation of a selection Committee. It will include the Prime Minister, the Minister of justice, Deputy Secretary General of government, Ombudsman and civil society, reports channel “MIR 24”.

The first will be to evaluate the candidate’s documents, then the applicant must pass the interview. Positions in the constitutional court became vacant following the resignation of all judges after the Venice Commission criticized the dissolution of Parliament and the recognition of the new government illegal.

Also at the meeting, the government adopted amendments to the law on Prosecutor’s office. Earlier, representatives of the block “AKUM” declared that intend to invite the attorney-General of Moldova from abroad, which will not be a puppet of any political party.

“The government has approved the conclusion that the citizenship of the Republic of Moldova is not obligatory for the candidate for the post of attorney General. Final decision will be made in Parliament. For this reason we have not agreed with the party of socialists,” said Maia Sandu.

At the Cabinet meeting and announced another retirement. The post freed Igor Cutie, head of the General staff of the national army and the heads of the medicines Agency and the General Inspectorate of the police.