Moles on your body can tell a lot about your personality! That’s what they mean

Родинки на вашем теле могут многое рассказать о вашей личности! Вот что они означают

Moles on the body can indicate various diseases or to tell about personality

Depending on their location, you can determine the temperament of a person’s
strengths and weaknesses. In some teachings it is believed that the larger the mole the more
it means. Not always this is the cause of serious diseases.

Mole on forehead

Indecisive people often meet with small moles or birthmarks
spots on the forehead. In relation to men, such a “mark” is a sign of sharp
character. It is noteworthy that often, the location of moles on the right side, interpreted as
the presence of hidden talents and a great mind. Such people hide a lot of secrets
and can absolutely incredible to come to any conclusion.

A mole on the nose

People with mole on the nose open to travelling, changes and knowledge of something new.
Often become rich by thirty years. Them good fortune and luck in many cases.
With similar qualities to possess a little “markings can be” on the ears. They love money and
sometimes too greedy. Also indicative of someone with high intelligence.

A mole on the head

This is a category of people who succeed in politics. Possess excellent organizational
abilities, wonderful speakers. They are distinguished by leadership skills, and the ability
out of the most difficult situations. Are moles on the crown or on any
hidden place. Often from such people you can expect anything.

Moles on the edge of the eyebrow

Nevi near or under the eyebrows talking about the man sports, is ready to reach new peaks
over and over again. Such a person is never standing still and is constantly evolving in the selected
field. Particularly well-suited for sports training and exercises, where necessary the physical

Moles on the tongue

Rare, but sometimes found among people with diplomatic and
oratorical skills. To convince the point of view of someone for them is not difficult.
It’s a clever and comprehensively developed personality, besides suffering from constant desire
try new dishes and experiment in cooking.

Moles on the shoulder

Practical and sociable people are more likely to meet with a mole on his shoulder. They are able
to find a way out of any difficult situation, keeping in constant touch with others
world. Often work in areas where help is needed others.

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