Molson moved to Longueuil

Photo: Jacques Nadeau Le Devoir
The brewer expects to launch discussions with the City of Montréal “in order to create a historical legacy to its original facilities in the street of Our Lady” built in 1786.

It’s official : We will install its new brewery in montreal in Longueuil, in the area of airport of Saint-Hubert.


Had rejected in July the timeline for the renovation of its site more than two centuries of the rue Notre-Dame est, Molson will install its new facility 10 miles away, on the other side of the river St. Lawrence. In support of this project valued at $ 500 million, including a new brewery and a distribution centre that is home to its one thousand employees, Molson Coors Canada said Tuesday it has submitted a purchase offer for a property located in Longueuil, “while launching discussions with the City of Montreal to create a historical legacy to its original facilities in the street of Our Lady” built in 1786.


The chosen site is located near highway 30 and, essential condition, near important sources of drinking water supply. The location also benefits from tax relief over five years as part of the incentives offered in order to develop the airport area of Longueuil, says The canadian Press. The brewer reiterated that his approach was undertaken in 2015. “Molson Coors Canada has reviewed many options […] on The characteristics of the site, which must be the subject of due diligence, meet the criteria essential to the activities of modern brewing “, one can read in the press release.


The offer to purchase will be presented to the elected officials of the city council of Longueuil for approval at the meeting of 5 December, with the focus first shovelful of earth in 2018.


“As we have already indicated, the facilities of the Notre-Dame street do not lend themselves to a deep modernization of our equipment and processes,” added Frederic Landtmeters. The president and chief executive officer of Molson Coors Canada conjures up new avenues for the site of the Notre-Dame street. “Molson Coors Canada is intended to ensure a harmonious development and foster a healthy transition while the sector as a whole is the subject of a major renewal. “


Montréal International welcomes the project. “The transfer of the business of Molson Coors to Longueuil should open the way for the urban development of the historic site of the Notre-Dame street East. Discussions with the City of Montreal have also been initiated in order to revitalize this sector and to ensure a harmonious development.


Valérie Plante disappointed


Valérie Plante has accepted “with regret” the decision for Molson. The mayor argued that the choice of Molson was already arrested when his team, brought to power on November 5 last, wanted to make an offer enhanced. “This is a project on which the Service of the economic development of the City of Montreal worked for two years. When I arrived in post, we worked on a counter-offer, but it was too late, ” she explained Tuesday.


The mayor has not wanted to reveal the elements of the proposal that his administration wanted to submit it to Molson. She now believes that it is necessary to work with Molson to redevelop the site. “Molson is intimately related to Montreal and Montreal is intimately linked to the Molson. I know that the Molson family understands it very well, ” she said.


According to it, the extensive site could accommodate new business. “There is so much potential, with access to the river and the development of a family-friendly neighborhood with businesses. For me, this is a golden opportunity to redevelop the Centre-South, and I feel that Molson has the same interest. “


The opposition, which was in power for the last four years at city hall, rejected the blame on the mayor Plant. “Before the elections, the business community was concerned about the possible election of projet Montréal. Today, we see the first failure of the administration to Plant-Dorais on the issues of economic development, “said Lionel Perez, the leader of the opposition by acting, who spoke of” dark day for Montreal.” “Is that the mayor has really made this priority over the last three weeks ? It is a bad signal for the future. “

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