Monaco closes its borders after an increase in contamination

    Monaco closes its borders after an increase in contamination

    Monaco is no longer the El Dorado of the Côte d’Azur for the next few days. After a period of calm, the health situation worsened. The number of cases increased on Wednesday 6 and Thursday 7 January with 90 new contaminations announced by the government when the total number of cases since the start of the epidemic has risen to 1018. Eighteen people are currently hospitalized at the Princess Grace Hospital (CHPG), eight of whom are receiving intensive care.

    The situation became tense Friday after the announcement on the Facebook site of the Union des Syndicats de Monaco of numerous coronavirus contaminations on a third of the employees of the Carrefour department store in the Principality. The only group of 40 unions has been concerned since the start of the epidemic of employee protection. But the management of the Carrefour group wanted to specify in a press release to France Bleu Azur on Friday that “a precise protocol was established as soon as the epidemic appeared: if an employee were to present symptoms of COVID-19, he would be immediately prohibited from going to his place of practice and would be invited to stay at home and get tested. To date, 19 store employees (out of 300) show symptoms, they are all confined, contact cases are being tested. “

    No sales

    With this rise in contaminations, the Principality resolves to close its borders with France a little more this weekend. He will be impossible Saturday January 9 to go “to the winter sales” usually very busy, because you have to have a “compelling motive“to enter the Principality, such as seeing a sick relative or going to work. Some 50,000 French people work in Monaco, which has 38,000 residents.

    For a week now, Monegasque restaurants have been reserved for residents, nationals and workers and a curfew is in place at 8 p.m. Des strengthened health measures taken while the restaurants around the famous Rocher have been taken over by many French people for the two New Year’s Eve, with a record attendance.

    Attention, the Principality station, often taken by storm during the sales, will also be placed under close surveillance this Saturday.

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