Monaco takes new measures

    Monaco takes new measures

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    The barrier gestures were obviously forgotten during the Christmas holidays. The situation is more worrying than before, explains the Minister of State, Pierre Dartout. To limit the spread of Covid-19, the Principality is limiting flows. The sports halls are closing this Wednesday, January 6 for three weeks announces the government which also encourages companies to set up teleworking. “The Monegasque administration will set an example” warns Pierre Dartout. In this period of sales on the Rock, the Monegasque government could take new measures by the end of the week to limit the influx into stores. The Minister of State emphasizes that “French people who come to buy in Monaco cannot enjoy the restaurants reserved for Monegasque residents”. Checks are planned to verify that the rule is respected.

    Accelerated screening and vaccination

    In addition to these measures, Monaco is speeding up screening for Covid-19. At the moment 4,000 tests are carried out per week, it is one of the highest screening rates in Europe, underlines the Principality. The first vaccines were received on December 30 in Monaco. The next day, December 31, 2020, the first Monegasques were vaccinated. A vaccine center has been installed in the Léo Ferré cultural complex. Initially, the vaccination concerns residents of EHPADs and Monegasques over 75 years old. Then priority is given to Monegasques aged 64 to 75, to staff in retirement homes, to nursing staff, then to firefighters, police officers and carabinieri.

    Vaccines for French workers

    The French who work in the Principality and who are nurses, doctors, firefighters, police officers or carabinieri will be able to be vaccinated, warns the Monegasque government. The Principality sends a letter to encourage vaccination. The government wants to go quickly but without rushing underlines Pierre Dartout, the Minister of State. By this summer, the Principality believes it will be able to vaccinate all of its volunteer residents.

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