Monetization of subsidies: an important rule for rural residents

In the Cabinet explained how the villagers to join the program of monetization of subsidies.

Монетизація субсидій: важливе правило для сільських жителів

Monetization of subsidies began on 1 January, but the Ukrainians are still lots of questions. One of them – as the residents of small cities and towns to join the program. This was told in the Cabinet of Ministers, informs Rus.Media.

The Cabinet announced to join the monetization of subsidies you must have an account in the savings Bank, but the inhabitants of small towns and villages do not necessarily have to drive into the city.

With the help of an authorized representative of the Department of social protection in rural or village Council can pass a new package of documents in may 2019 all applicable subsidence current or new applicants, after which documents will the experts and do everything yourself.