Money for Biden and Kerry

Деньги для Байдена и Керри

Leaked documents indicate that Ukraine displayed a significant money to pay his son Biden and former Secretary of state John Kerry and his family.

According to Michael Curls and the Federalist Papers , a slush Fund run by former us Secretary of state John Kerry, John Kerry Jr., another member of the family of Kerry and hunter Biden.”Leaked documents from the General Prosecutor’s office points to a complex money transfers from foreign sources to the Fund owned and run Devon Archer, John Kerry, Sr., John Kerry, Junior, Heinz, Jr., and hunter Biden”, he said. ,
“According to the financial monitoring Department (counterintelligence) of Latvia, the following sums of money were received from Burisma Holding Limited (Cyprus). (the link given documents pointing to this corruption scheme). Documents in the United States published by the American activist Michael Curls (probably an agent of the FSB) from Los Angeles

Деньги для Байдена и Керри

Documents on the topic Burimi flowed from Latvia.

“Ukrainian journalists helped us get to the code parts of documents, which were referred to the financial intelligence unit of Latvia, the Prosecutor General of Ukraine. About 500 documents financial intelligence unit of Latvia is located in the state office of public Prosecutor of Ukraine. They were handed over in 2015. And then the Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin has opened a criminal case on the fact that, in accordance with these documents, hunter Biden Burisma and the company’s suspected money laundering activities or translations of obscure money,” said Zavorotny. zinc

In fact, through Barismo paid services Biden and Kerry for the provision of illegal lobbying services in the interests of the environment Poroshenko, who under pressure from Biden dismissed Shokin and faktiski stopped the investigation into Biden, the resumption of which are now just seeking the trump.Publication dokumentov obviously will be used against Democrats in the matter of the impeachment of trump. Gloves have already been removed, restrictions on the use of “dirty bombs” has long been abolished, so in the bumps POPs up more and more wonderful details about how members of the American establishment was enriched at the expense of the fools who believed in the “revolution of gidnost”.

It should be noted that by Paul Manafort received a prison term for much smaller transgressions. In fact, the impeachment Trump remains for Biden’s only opportunity to avoid landing the son and his accomplices on Barisma.Tram in the background is once again accused the Democrats in the witch hunt and trying to destroy the American nation. The election year will be very hot.colonelcassad

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