Money gifts can they give? How to give?

Important point – given money can not be spent on trifles.

Гроші у подарунок: чи можна їх дарувати? Як правильно дарувати?

Whether you can give money

Money shouldn’t be treated with disdain. But similarly, don’t overestimate their worth or adore. To establish a normal relationship with money is hard enough. But it is important to know and understand this element, informs Rus.Media.

Is it possible to give the energy in terms of money? You can! After all, you are giving people opportunities that come with it.

Who can give money

To choose a gift can be difficult. If you don’t know the person well enough, then the gift becomes a problem. Even with good friends it happens all the time.

What to give the man, if she seems to be doing there? You do not want the same to happen with a trinket. So to give money seems the best solution.

You’ve got to understand in which situations it is appropriate to give money and when you should not. Sometimes the money instead of a gift can be regarded as a SOP, as charity, especially if the amount is small. This “gift” can easily be hurt. Therefore, it is necessary to know exactly in advance how people would react to such offerings.

In some situations, a monetary gift is not only permissible, but desirable

  • To the wedding. Give money for wedding became in many places the traditions. Newlyweds need to have their farm, so it is reasonable. Only it is necessary to take into account the nuances in different families, in different Vrah decided to do it differently. Money is often presented in sealed envelopes, but some traditions have to do it openly, and that your gift was not less than others.
  • Close friends. Sometimes easier to get some money and buy what you need. So friends can just agree. If you are giving money to a friend, it is better to complement a present of some trifle.
  • Anniversary, birthday, retirement. In these cases, giving money is not only possible, but necessary. It would be great if the cash gift will be assembled and presented collectively. The energy from such a tremendous gift!
  • Housewarming – specific goal. If you know what your loved one dreams about something, can present it to a feasible amount without even waiting for a special occasion. The energy that will go from the receiver, will be passed to you. You’ll see – awarded amount will be returned to you at double the equivalent. As for the housewarming – here God ordered. The settlers themselves know what they need to buy. And you making their money in new energy, opening the monetary channel.

Who and when not to give money

  • It is not necessary to give money for the New year, Valentine’s Day, mother’s Day and the so-called “gender” holidays.
  • The authorities also do not give money. According to the rules of etiquette that can be regarded as a bribe. And magic rules you can block their money channel.
  • Not welcome donation of money from a Junior to a senior. It is unethical and wrong from the point of view of magic. On the contrary – please.
  • You can’t give money to strangers or unfamiliar people. It is unknown how, and with what energy they will treat this gift. You may be offended. And this is going to go negative, which is absolutely not necessary to us.

How to give and take money

Of course, everyone understands that stretching a pack of small or crumpled bills is not a gift. The money should be beautiful and elegant packaging. This usually take a white clean envelope. It is possible to write beautiful wishes. Or buy a special card with a pocket. The warmer wishes, the prettier the postcard, the better it will be for you and for the receiver.

You can make a postcard yourself, the person will be nice to get something made especially for him. The advantage is that all the things made with your own hands, carry mad money energy.

You can invest money in a book. Or in a balloon. Or to give the currency a few species. To give money openly, so that all saw the amount, you can “catch” the evil eye. It would be better if you extend the gift with a wish, for example: “Give opportunities”.

If you gave money, it would be difficult to list them. Bills should you “get used to it”, you have to go the so-called funnel, so it got the money. Another important point – given money can not be spent on trifles. Better buy yourself something useful, something that will bring you pleasure. And then the monetary channel will never close!