Monica Bellucci showed Frank the way in the jacket on a naked body

Моника Беллуччи показала откровенный образ в пиджаке на обнаженное тело

This woman millions admired for her charismatic looks, charm and femininity.

Bellucci became popular thanks to such films as, “Malena”, “Dracula” and “Tears of the sun” and to this day adorns the covers of many glossy magazines. Recently, the actress shared with subscribers in Instagram candid archival frame.

The Italian, who recently turned 54 years old, showed the fans Luxe gold jacket on a naked body and accessoires in the form of large chain on the neck, for the brightness of the image model is a bit stretched decoration to create the atmosphere of the picture.

“From the archives”, signed scene the actress did not specify how old she is in this photo. Monica Bellucci and now to be in great shape, because she managed to keep a great figure and still act in blatant fotoseta, but it is clear that in this picture, the Italian is still quite young. But recently, the network frequently appear rare sncm model that was at the beginning of her career.

Previously, the Accents were written, Monica Bellucci for decades remained one of the most popular models and Actresses in the world. The creativity of the girls managed to fall in love with millions. Career beginnings was started in 16 at the Liceo Classico, where she earned a University education. Dream Bellucci University of Perugia, where she wanted to study law. But after the first shots Monica realized that she wanted to continue on the “glamorous” ways and abandoned childhood dream of becoming a model.

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