Monica Bellucci struck fans in a new way, and gave occasion to speak about the changes in his personal life

53-year-old Monica Bellucci, who early last month appeared in Paris at the ceremony, awards Lumieres Award in the bright outfit emphasized her womanly figure, once again delighted fans with his new look. On Wednesday, the star attended the ceremony of awards David di Donatello in Rome. For a special event, the actress chose a custom made figure, a long black dress with lurex from Balmain featuring a deep plunging neckline and a small slit.

Your image Bellucci added black sandals very high heel, a small handbag on a chain to match the outfit and simple necklace adorning her neck. The makeup she did focus on the eyes, paint them with shiny eye shadow and black eyeliner.

But perhaps the most interesting detail of her image was the precious ring, which was wearing on her ring finger. So not going if she’s away? Now the actress, if you believe the Western media, is Dating 45-year-old French actor Gilles Lellouche, and, according to insiders, their relationship is wonderful. However, at the awards ceremony Bellucci came one. The case, however, it is possible that she just doesn’t want to advertise my personal life.

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