Monique, 82, elected Super Granny France 2020

    Monique, 82, elected Super Granny France 2020

    Her name is Monique, and she has just been crowned Super Mamie France 2020. At 82 years old, this Marseillaise seduced the jury, in particular by its sporting skills : boxing and self-defense. A granny who has energy to spare.

    Her four little daughters affectionately nickname her “super grandma boom” and she is also one of them, Kelly 12 years old and champion of France of pancrace, a combat sport combining boxing and wrestling, who gave him the desire to put on the gloves and who trains him.

    “Frankly, I’m very proud of her. With my three cousins we said to ourselves ‘Grandma you have to register, this contest is for you’, so it paid off“, rejoices the young teenager. A victory with which Monique is also satisfied:” I was speechless, but the happiness was to see my four little girls, it was our victory “, testifies the new Super Granny France.

    Three hours of Nordic walking per day

    So what’s Monique’s secret to being so toned at 82? An organic breakfast in the morning, followed by three hours of Nordic walking in a park in the center of Marseille. In addition, the octogenarian does one boxing training per week.

    This Super Granny scarf, Monique will share it with people of her age: “At a certain age we say ‘oh what am I going to do in this club, the lotto, play cards etc’, while ‘there is much else more pleasant and interesting“, she underlines before ensuring:” boxing, it will please them! “And in addition it preserves, as proof, the Olympic form and the communicative optimism of Monique.

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