Monsieur 100 000 votes is a gourmand assumed

Monsieur 100 000 voix est un gourmand assumé

It was difficult for André-Philippe Gagnon, remaining confined, to him who is filled with ideas and desire to bring pleasure to people with his shows. As a conductor, he says, give pleasure to those that we receive, as well as those we are pleased to see us on stage, it is a gift of life. This man of many voices offers live entertainment corporate with a decor theme incredibly iTech, which among other things allows you to re-create the decor of his choice in a virtual studio where he welcomes the guests… in the comfort of their home ! He is excited to resume the tour and his series of shows at the Capitol, from 2 to 23 December. He has also recorded more than 5000 names to be able to launch its website greeting cards virtual on Do wish happy birthday with the voice of Barry White, Aznavour, Félix Leclerc, Mick Jagger or Ratatouille, it is seductive.

Life must continue, then in the morning, to start the day, tea or coffee ?

Coffee, coffee, coffee.

Do you make pancakes, eggs, smoothies… ?

Pancakes and eggs, yes. I am less smoothie

Have you found the pleasure of dining in this period ?

Yes, even if I’m not a great chef, I’m doing not bad.

But usually, I am more regularly at the restaurant, and say that I’m more that looking forward to me popping into a restaurant to eat sushi.

The thing that would be the most difficult for you not to have in your fridge or your pantry ?

Eggs ! I do so many things with eggs.

Sliced bread, baguette from a bakery or homemade bread ?

Sliced bread KAMUT ! A super good organic bread.

Cheese or dessert ?

Cheese ! Fatty liver also…

Although I’m starting dangerously to me in coming to the two with this containment !

Meat or fish ?

These days, more poultry, I would tell you ! Much of the poultry.

Caramel or chocolate ?

Ouch ! I’m going to say chocolate since it is necessary to choose ! There’s maple syrup too…

Cake, cookie or cheese ?

Biscuit ! Since my mother was a great cook of cookies ! My brother and I would disappear his works very soon.

Beer or wine ?

Wine (and champagne). But again, these days, I’m not very difficult, gin-tonic, beer, Peroni, or any other alcohol… (laughs)

White or red ?

Since the month without alcohol (February), I was distant of the two…

But in normal times, I have more fun with the red wine !

But a drink is always good with a white wine… hard to choose.

Present me your kitchen accessory fetish, and why the have chosen.

A kitchen knife. A chef’s knife that I use for EVERYTHING. This is my favorite for chopping vegetables, too : for, in dices… it does everything.

Do you have a recipe pampers ?

Flowers Pailin ! I discovered this restaurant Apsara Quebec city, 71 rue d’auteuil, Quebec). I go there since 1983 ! And they have taught me in their kitchen to make flowers Pailin ! I imported their famous sauce on the rolls everywhere ! The roll as such is easy, but the secret is in the sauce. That’s what is important ! I made them when I lived in Las Vegas even ! This is my simple meal, and a fetish for excellence.

Tell me about the achievement culinary which are you the most proud of.

I try to stay health… because with the containment, it is more difficult. I wanted to test lately, a rice dish with cauliflower that I steamed. With garlic, onion and ginger. Then add the toasted sesame oil. And to finish off, I added vegetables (edamames, broccoli, green peas), and then at the very end, so that they don’t cook too much and do not become caoutchouteuses, shrimp. I decorated everything with green onions. I was very proud of the result.

Tell us that you miss things on occasion and he is already arrived to serve a dish completely missed…

I am not a great cook, so I am not going too. But one day, I made banana muffins, trying to “pimp out” with chocolate. It was more like Jello with too-full of chocolate that I added… I ended up eating the top !

What is it that you lack the most, you who love to go to a restaurant, talking with the chefs, watch them work, enjoy their creations ?

The restaurant Wine butterfly is the stroke of culinary heart of André-Philippe Gagnon.

Their creations ! Example : I love the restaurant Wine Butterfly. You read the menu on the slate, and it is the excitement of getting your tv and to discover their assembly, and, of course, the mix of flavors. Yum ! I would also say that what I miss the restaurants, it is to share such good food in good company…

Your best culinary experience ?

I’ve lived including nine years in Las Vegas. Culinary city par excellence. I love the chain NOBU. I would eat their cooking every day. But to name one addition : I would say the Patina, in Los Angeles, it is close to the Wall Disney Concert Hall. Even the architecture is incredible. But another fantastic place, it is a restaurant that belonged to the sister of Eddy Marney (he wrote the first songs of Céline Dion), it was the Domain Bertaud Belieu in Gassin. It is near Saint-Tropez, on the Côte d’azur. The restaurant is now closed, but the vineyard still exists, and the rosé is superb.

It smelled like what, at home, in the kitchen, when you were little ?

Oh, it still smelled good ! My mother was an outstanding cook ! It was excellent cakes in particular. One of my memories is when I was coming back from my hockey practice : I felt the smell of the French fries that my mother cooked, the happiness. My favorite meal : the steak frites.

Take advantage of you this period of confinement to remake the recipes that you ate, child ?

I tried a recipe from my mother precisely. My mom is deceased and the memories come to my mind you telling it. It was pancakes with peanut butter ! I had a bit of nostalgia. Then, I called my big brother to make him part of it. He remained in shock, because without warning, he had done the same thing… the same day ! Weird… music from Twilight zone

The darlings

Culinary darlings ?

Kneaded butter to thicken my sauces.

Recipe fetish ?

My flowers Pailin ! Otherwise, my baked salmon with mustard and capers, served with fettuccine lemon parmesan pepper. And a good glass of white wine cold.

What can you not live without in the kitchen ?

The pasta and the olive oil ! I have a very mediterranean.

A stroke of culinary heart ?

The Dijon mustard Morehouse ! My ham sandwich-brie are mind-blowing with it ! I ended up going to buy it at the mother house.

Gluttony guilty ?

The “droppings of the cheese” Humpty Dumpty looking at the hockey… I try not to pass through the bag, so I use it in a bowl.

Your favorite kitchen style ?

I love it all… hard to choose. I would go with the Asian, Vietnam, Japan. Light, fresh, vegetables, fish. Otherwise, chefs, creatives, and that use of original products.

Do you have a suggestion to help the trades industry mouth in Québec, how can we help ?

This was part of my essential services. Try the products of Quebec and the restaurants here. During the confinement, I was trying to order at the home of meals for the restorers and conservators to encourage them. But now, the happiness to return to the restaurants fills me, because you have talent in Quebec and he should be proud of and know.

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