Monsters from the ATO. In Ukraine, formed the market of hired serial killers

Чудовища из АТО. На Украине формируется рынок наемных, серийных убийц

© CC0, PixabayOne who was shocked by the murder in Kiev three year old child, probably thinking about the identity of the monster who did this. Lost in thought, I remembered the murder of the driver blah Blah car, the citizen of Lviv Taras Pozdnyakov, who was killed the same creatures. And remember, guessed that it was not a simple crime.The absence of active hostilities in the area of environmental protection (ATO) led to the formation of the sinister hub, which is to tell in detail.

Someone was aiming a sniper

The child destroyed the veterans of the ATO, Andrew Lavreha (18) and Semenov (19). Both were in self-defense of Maidan, then in the ATO. Both recently returned to Kiev. The former rebels-the volunteers are caught in the crime often. They always have is “support group”, including an army of “sister”, volunteers, sympathizers, finally, whitewashing comes from the official authorities. But this case was so shocking that to protect the two “assassins” has refused even to their direct front-line commander. The murder was a classic, custom, commercial. So the media never came a different version than the one that was given to journalists by the Prosecutor’s office and the interior Ministry: “client” sniper were the MP and businessman, and his three year old son was a random victim. This version is indirectly confirmed the information that the detainee confessed, saying that he missed, not taking into account the amendment to the motion of the car. About “accidents” getting into son ordered Kommersant said and the wound in the neck.That boy “did not have time to take to the hospital”, wrote absolutely everything media. The picture was perfectly clear: the sniper watched the “client”, shot, hit, hurt child, the boy was still alive, he was taken to the hospital, but didn’t take. Everyone thought so until Wednesday, 4 December. But that day, when the court elected a measure of restraint to the suspect, the parents of a murdered child told a very different story. According to the mother, the bullet hit in the neck. “I understand that this is a shot. I said to my husband, so he quickly pressed on the gas. I can see that he’s alive. And then turn around, I see that my child does not have half a head. Of him I have collected with own hands”, — said the woman.

These words shattered version of accidental contact, that the killer shot while driving the car and not made an adjustment for this. At the same time be false and the media reports about the wound in the neck and that the baby was alive and it just did not have time to take to the hospital. These words destroy all that we knew about contract killings in Ukraine so far. It is clear that the sniper from the ATO, “the warrior”, a decorated fighter for the freedom of Ukraine are not fired in the Deputy-the businessman Soboleva. He was shot in his son.

Dot the i

The actions of the actual perpetrator of the assassination, Andrew Lawrey, the court qualified according to claim 2,11,12 part 2 of article 115 of the criminal code, premeditated murder of the juvenile child committed by order. It is the child, because part 2 of article 115 of konkretisiert that a circumstance aggravating the responsibility, the murder of a pregnant woman or a minor. Version of the court agree with the conclusions made above. So, the conclusions about the crime the opinion of the Ukrainian media and a “support group” went. The press, though, and publishes the court’s decision, but continues to publicly insist that the veteran ATO sniper Lavreha were targeting the father of the deceased child, not him. As for the part of society, which obviously is on the side of murderers, their opinion the account is not subject. “Shooting separable and Rusnya. Thing,” writes one Andrey Semenov, expressing the point of view of the Ukrainian society.

Final qualification of the offense and those who had committed the crime, will give the court. Faith in the Ukrainian justice — monkey work. Killer of an Elder free. Killer Sternenkostabbed a man in broad daylight, he entered the diplomatic Academy, and proudly publishes a selfie from the former senior party school in Kiev. The sentencing of such killers are rare. However, enlightenment happens. May 28, 2019 Kyiv-Svyatoshinsky court sentenced to life imprisonment by militants of the Right Sector (banned in the Russian organization) , Dmitry Golub, a killer driver blah-Blah-Kar, Taras Pozdnyakov. But the main suspect, Luan Kingiseppis a Russian citizen, were there in the wanted list, were killed during the Assembly of explosive devices at prospect of Science in Kiev.

No doubt the nature and motives of these people should not be. And that means that the sniper couldn’t aim at the father and into the son. The sniper was aiming it at the child. But for what? The cold logic of the murderers, from which the blood run cold, he says that the father of the child was desired customers live. That the murder of the son of the Pope was informed about the seriousness of and was reminded that he had left a 10-year-old daughter, who, if the requirements are not met, will meet the same fate as the younger brother. Sniper Lavreha were aiming it at a child, because if you were aiming for the father — we would have been father. Vyacheslav Sobolev knows this, and therefore asked the court on Wednesday fanatic veteran: “I Have only one question: if you saw that I sat in the car with two children. You booked me, so shoot me!”. There was no answer. Andrew Lavreha all meeting sat blankly staring at one point.


In 2015, the active phase of the war in the Donbas ended in Minsk agreements. At that time the Ukrainian army virtually ceased to exist and could not keep fighting. No one, neither Poroshenkonor Parubiy, nor Turchynov, did not hide that he was not going to keep any of signed. And began the “phony war” that continues still. Today reminded of it, only reports of skirmishes, shelling and fatalities in the Ukrainian press: Ukrainian authorities are still using an undeclared war for propaganda purposes and strongly resist its termination. The war they desired, without it they are finished and will have to answer for everything.

But this is politics. But the young people who were on the Maidan, then went to the ATO, survived and joined their “dobrobatami”, occurred mentally irreversible transformation. An example of the two killers of the child — the bright and the reference. Euromaidan destroyed their psyche in the most dangerous transition to adulthood, then opened them all the worst and let those demons arms. There is no turning back.Until 2019 Lavreha and Semenov were in the Donbass. Their life would be very boring if not for the kind of activities that brightens up the gray days. They are in fact there and not soldiers — they are bounty hunters. Daily come in the grey area and begin to hunt people. That’s where it displays headlines about the next victims in Donbass. Thus perished Vasily Slipak, “the soloist” large and small theaters. Therefore buried on Wednesday, in Kiev, Denis Volochaevawarded Zelensky title of Hero of Ukraine. His companion, who was with him in the sniper pair, Dmitry Kaplun left lying in a gray area and is currently in the morgue of Donetsk.This daily hunt has absolutely no meaning and purpose. Before the revolution the word “hunter” was also called the volunteers selected to go behind enemy lines on a dangerous mission. So all the characters are “hunters” in every sense. This hunting is their daily work, to which they are accustomed and without which it is unlikely to be able to live. The one who got a taste and saw in the hunting vocation, will never be the man is dangerous inmates. Ironically, the most dangerous they are not for imaginary “enemies”, and for those, who praises their heroism and proud of them. They come back home… and again and again go hunting. This is a serial killer. Psychiatrists classify their motives as “a syndrome of addictive behavior”.


Returning to the case of a son of Deputy Soboleva, a society that was unaffected by the hellish flames of war, the question arises: who would do such a thing? How can you aim at the child? The answer is simple: the only sniper with the experience of the “phoney war” in the Donbass could do such a thing without flinching. Andrew Lavreha is a special contingent of “hunters”. 30 years ago no young man in the Soviet Ukraine, were not capable of this. But now controlled degradation of a whole nation achieved the goal. Able to destroy the children becomes greater. There is no escape, because the oligarchs controlled the “party of war” and media continue to incite war, geroiziruya fanatics, serial killers and murderers of children. Lawyer Andriy Portnov has noted, as that is owned by the mayor of Lviv garden 24 channel said in a report about the murder of a three year old son Vyacheslav Sobolev:

“The TV station described the killer of a child: 20-year-old hero of the war with Russia; volunteer; commander of the order for courage; a former sniper for the Ukrainian volunteer army; went to the front to defend Ukraine 16 years; a real sniper-professional; distinguished desperate raids behind enemy lines; received the order from the hands of Poroshenko deservedly so; the number of them killed militants was not disclosed, but insist that competitors him a little; one of the best military snipers; because of the war with Russia, we got grown men trained to kill; skilled sniper with a state award; a young man who came with burning eyes to defend his country. Condolences to the family of the deceased child to the channel, of course, not expressed”.

Ukraine dropped below the level of 90-ies. Sinking lower and lower, because they do not want to stop the war, putting himself in the maximum dependence on the drug. But the monstrous offspring of the hell of war has already come to the streets of Ukrainian cities. And they will never stop.Maxim Maximov

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