Mont told how to transfer the child to distance education at the school

Liliya Hrynevych gave explanations about remote training of children.

В МОН розповіли, як перевести дитину на дистанційне навчання у школі

In Ukraine for pupils of secondary schools will introduce e – learning project of the new law “On General secondary education” provides distance learning in the school. Liliya Hrynevych explained on what basis the child can go to distance education. About it reports a press-service of the Ministry of education of Ukraine, informs Rus.Media.

The Minister of education and science, Liliya Hrynevych explained that to create an individual learning plan at school, that is, the distance learning, requires serious reasons. They can become a serious disease of the child – if she is on treatment, or a serious hobby outside of school – sports or other activities in which the child is engaged in professionally.

The mechanism of transfer of the child to distance education is: the parents go to the school where the child is trained, then, together with teachers going to the faculty meeting at which a plan of study. He is considered by the teachers ‘ Council and approved by the Director of the school. In addition, we will be monitoring the learning achievements of the child to be able to certify and assess knowledge. To confirm knowledge and learning in the disciplines that are taught outside of the school, carried out the usual annual assessment. If confirmed learning at home, the student is required twice a year to take the semester test.

The Minister of education also believes that distance learning will give the opportunity to simply and securely enroll their educational achievements and to document of complete secondary education.

We have previously reported that in the schools of Ukraine canceled the issuance of certificates to students after the fourth, ninth and eleventh grade do not receive them because they will be replaced by certificates of education. The “matriculation certificate” is considered a “relic of the past.