Montpellier: Born on the day of the death of Loulou’s, a club in alsace bearing the colors of the MHSC in his honour

The memorial in homage to Louis Nicollin, the domaine de Grammont. — Jerome Diesnis / Agency Maxele Press

  • FC Thann was born on the day of the death of Louis Nicollin, the president is emblematic of the MHSC
  • When choosing the colours, the club alsatian has decided to honour a president ” who embodied the values of the amateur world, even among professionals “

It was the 29th of June. A handful of enthusiasts are brought together at Thann, to revive the football in this small town of Alsace, private round ball since the liquidation of the local club. On the 29th of June, one fateful day Louis Nicollin has been swept away by a heart attack. “When we thought about the colors, one of the officers suggested those of Montpellier, in tribute to Loulou. We all immediately joined, ” recalls Sébastien Kempf, the president of the
FC Thann.

“Mr Nicollin embodied our values”

The ” coup de coeur was not only under the grip of emotion. “Mr Nicollin represented the values that we would like to bring them to our level, then we will always have in mind what is represented by these colors, attests Kempf. He remained throughout his life true to himself. Even though his club has gone through winds and tides, he embodied the virtues of the amateur world, even among professionals. “

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And then, Montpellier, france, in early July, had the accent of alsace with Ryad Boudebouz, the child of Colmar, not yet party to Seville. And Frédéric Garny, coach of the U19 winner of the
Gambardella, a native of Cernay.

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Messages of support from fans of the MHSC

On November 4, FC Thann will inaugurate its new jerseys. The MHSC has been invited. “We hope that they will respond positively “, said the president. To finance the equipment, children, children’s shirts to balloons, it was necessary to launch a crowdfunding campaign successful. “We started from zero. “

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Blue shirt and shorts orange, this is a bit of Montpellier, which operates 676 km to the north. “We received messages of support from fans of the MHSC who have been aware of our action through a site ( It makes us warm at heart, ” says Kempf.