Montpellier : To travel in France, should we really prefer the train ?

An airplane of the airline Volotea to the Montpellier. — N. Bonzom / Maxele Press

  • Volotea or Hop offer routes to France from Montpellier.
  • Some score, such as the Nantes-Montpellier with Volotea.
  • Price wise, it is the aircraft that is often cheaper than the train.

For the past few years, the airport Montpellier-Méditerranée shows the teeth. Ex-small infrastructure in the shadow of Marseille for a long time, it impresses today more and more passengers, hoping to pass the two-million mark by 2020.

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Destinations of prestigious international join its catalogue (Munich, lance Volotea in may 2018, two times per week) but not only that : companies, such as Hop for Air France and Volotea offer links franco-French. But in Montpellier, can they really make us let go of the train ?

The plane, it is (often) less expensive

For Emmanuel Brehmer, chairman of the management board of the airport, this can be absolutely no doubt. “The rates are lower than the train, it is much faster and on-time performance is much better,” says the leader montpellier, which does not include all those who are still taking the train from the capital héraultaise.

Side wallet, it is true that the plane is (often) least expensive. A single ticket to Nantes, on the 20th of October, started on Wednesday at 88 euros in aircraft, and 142 euros in the process. To Lille, 85 € by plane and 99 euros on the TGV. And if a small jump to Brest you are tempted, count 137 € 146€. To the capital on the other hand, advantage for the train, which starts its price range at € 63 with Ouigo against 113 euros for the sky. A downside, however if you go through the rails : the routes, which are sometimes non-direct. Another one for the plane : the journey from the airport and the waiting time.

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“Only the airplane can do a round-trip to Paris”

“It is often said that for the plane, stresses Edo Friard, director of the international development of Volotea. But for the train, all the passengers did not live to be thirty seconds from the train station. The train, not door-to-door, as we sometimes hear. “

In the airline Hop, which has put in place a Shuttle in Montpellier in 2016, you bet on the flexibility, the ability to change his ticket easily, and a trip faster, almost three times more to Paris. “Only the plane can do a go-back in the day, a quick and efficient way “, explained in march Hélène Abraham, the director, marketing assistant, addressing, in particular, to the business customers.

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And in Montpellier, visibly, the lines of the franco-French, it works rather not bad. The Shuttle Hop to Paris is on the increase and Volotea displays generous curves : towards Nantes, its fill rate is close to 100 % (this is one of the first lines of the country), that of Lille would be “very high” while the connections to Strasbourg, Nantes and Brest, are called ” success “. The train would lose it’s ground ?