Montreal, Moscow, Los Angeles…and Tokyo

Montréal, Moscou, Los Tokyo

Let’s start by addressing this that we will announce in the coming weeks. And these information, they are already within the international olympic Committee. (IOC). We are in the process to analyze, measure their economic impact and sports and find the best way to advertise.

Of the Tokyo olympics 2020 will be delayed until July 2021. This means that it will have to renegotiate agreements worth several billion dollars, with television networks on the planet. And re-negotiate sponsorship contracts with the largest companies in the world.

It means that he will have to deal with the problem of at least 30,000 Japanese class below the average, which must occupy their new home in September next…after the end of the Games. The olympic village who would have had to accommodate about 12 500 athletes, coaches and delegations around the world, has been planned for 20 000 people. If the Games are delayed for a year, it will be necessary to find a solution to this terrifying problem. Leases have been signed, families were finally home.

More than 3700 people work full time for the organizing committee and 75,000 volunteers were waiting eagerly to put their talent to the service of the Games. Will they still be there in 2021 ?


It will also be necessary to find a balance in how to treat athletes. More than half of the athletes who were to participate in the Games of Tokyo have already taken the necessary steps to be qualified. It is necessary that these 6000 athletes that are already qualified have a right to this privilege won by four or eight years of training, effort and sacrifice. Those who are not yet qualified so will have to do it in the spring of 2021 in the approach of the olympics.

Within the IOC, it evaluates the idea of presenting the Games in October. The idea may seem reasonable, but it goes without saying that the tests for the qualifications should be held in August. Nothing says that the planet Earth will have started to operate in August next. Certainly not at full speed.

In addition, August is the typhoon season in the Pacific. And we know the frequency and the unprecedented violence of the typhoons that batter Japan. Is it possible to take a chance of three weeks in the fall ?

For all these reasons, even if the IOC and the japanese government will try until the last moment to find a miracle solution, it is almost certain that the 2020 Games will be pushed back a year.

This is still less worse than the Games of 1940 and 1944. The Games of 1940 were to be presented to…Tokyo. But the war against China, it can not be invented, forced Japan to give up the Games for Helsinki. Finally, the War forced the abandonment of the Games of 1940 and 1944 in London.

London, country, the winner of the war, found its Games in 1948, but Japan had to wait until 1964.


This is not the first time that the Games are disrupted. They were cancelled in 1916 because of the Great War. They had to be held in Berlin. The metropolis of German found for the infamous Games of 1936, which marked the apotheosis of the glory of Adolf Hitler.

But they were also disturbed for political reasons. We forget that the Montreal Games were presented without the black ring of the olympic games. The ring of Africa. Twenty african countries have boycotted the Games to protest against apartheid in South Africa. As it was the african poor, it has not bothered anyone at the monks olympic.

But in Moscow in 1980, I was one of seven canadian journalists to cover the Games in a closed circuit. Not Americans, not French and not Canadian. No image of these Games was only available in America. For a journalist, it was an unreal situation. But it was also the dream of a reporter. No canadian athletes, not COC, not notable, nothing. Total freedom and absolute (except the zealous KGB) to cover the life and society the soviets. This is the only time that this has happened to me in 50 years in the business.

In Los Angeles, it is the USSR and China, with Germany and other countries of the East, which have boycotted the Games. Fortunately, it has not prevented Sylvie Bernier to savor its gold medal, and to ride a school bus from one olympic site to another. The Games most cheapos in modern history.

But Los Angeles made a profit.

In the history of the Games, three presentations were cancelled due to horrible wars. The other three have been subject to boycotts for political reasons.

But 2020 will go down as a first. Games cancelled because of an invisible war against humanity.

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