Montreal, next stop to scoop in F1 ?

Montréal, prochaine escale à écoper en F1 ?

The holding of the Grand Prix of Canada, scheduled for June 14, seems to be more and more compromised.

For the fourth time in the space of a few weeks, the F1 calendar may be again turned upside-down because of the pandemic of the COVID-19.

The Grand Prix of Azerbaijan, who now had to give the kick-off of the season 2020, on 7 June, would be postponed in turn, reported Sunday the specialized site

However, this call made in the streets of the capital Baku, ahead of a week of the holding of the Grand Prix of Canada.

A few days earlier, the organizers of the Grand Prix of Monaco (initially set on 24 may), another circuit temporarily requiring weeks of mounting infrastructure, including the grandstands and the garages, had announced the cancellation of the event for the first time since 1954.

In Baku, we wish, however, to push the race in a calendar of more and more condensed, which should be about 18 events in less than seven months.

A refused visa

According to another source, journalists accredited for the Grand Prize of Azerbaijan have learned that their visas, which had been yet approved since a long time for their visit, were cancelled in the last few days.

This country, a former soviet republic that crosses Asia and Europe, is one of the territories least affected by the pandemic, but fear of the arrival of foreign nationals from the affected countries would lead the government to take drastic measures.

The local authorities would have informed the direction of the F1 of his or her intention to postpone the event. According to the sponsor and the associate sponsors want to maintain the race.

In Montreal if…

All in all, if this news is confirmed, it is in Montreal that would start the season 2020 the F1 world Championship on June 14.

But, nothing is acquired for the Grand Prix of Canada. The spread on canadian territory, is propagated at the speed big V. Nothing so reassuring for the rest of the things.

Recall that the Grand Prix of China (planned for 19 April) was the first to scoop when it announced its report on 12 February last.

Then, on Friday, march 13, in two hours of the beginning of the free practice in Melbourne, it was the turn of the event in Australia, first race of the season, to be struck, followed by Bahrain a few hours later.

The Great Price of Vietnam (5 April), the netherlands (3 may), and Spain (10 may) has also been moved to a later date.

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