More adventures to “Bit of fishing”

Encore plus d’aventures à «Mordu de la pêche»

Explorations even more extreme and impressive: this is what we can expect from the eighth season of Bitten fishing, where barracudas, hippos and sharks are the main stars in the sides of the host Cyril Chauquet.

In an interview with the QMI Agency, the latter, who performs and also produces the show, says that these six new episodes of Bitten from the fishing, to Escape, are still more focused on the adventure, and filmed in places “very far away on the planet”.

“Most of the fish that there is, because of overfishing, global warming, deforestation, pollution and the progression of civilization on nature live further away, in areas that are difficult to access and hostile. We must, therefore, go look in these places there, and there are many dangers associated with such research. But it’s just as well, because we love the adventure!” portrays Cyril Chauquet.

Under water

In Quebec, Cyril Chauquet and his team travelled to James Bay, in cree First Nations, in the pursuit of huge pike. The winter conditions have made the task even more complex, since the lake Mistassini, the largest natural lake in the province, was still frozen.

They have also crossed, in the course of their journey, the aïmara, a fish of the amazon jungle, brazilian, huge barracudas, a hundred pounds in Gabon, in Africa, and have progressed to towering beasts, like hippos and elephants.

“In Brazil, my cameraman and me, we collide, under the water, by a huge caiman, a crocodile of South America. It was also an episode in Panama, on an island lost in the deep end of the Pacific coast – where we had to survive for five days, because we have had issues with food, and another in the archipelago of Kiribati, a tiny dot in the middle of the Pacific. It has been confronted with several sharks, such as Tahiti, in French Polynesia, where I had to go get a fish, the trevally ignobilis, that I couldn’t get out of the water, so there was shark who devoured at the end of my line…,” says Cyril Chauquet, which specifies that these recent shootings ended in January, just before the crisis of the COVID-19.

Whale in Montreal

Not having carried out studies in marine biology, but expert in the field to force to work with biologists and other scientists from around the world, Cyril Chauquet rumored to have followed closely the passage of the humpback whale near the Jacques-Cartier bridge, in Montreal, at the beginning of June.

After having captivated the Montreal for a few days, the whale has unfortunately probably been hit by a commercial vessel, in the corner of Varennes, have found the experts.

“Unfortunately, one of my first reactions was to say that she was going to die. For me, it was misplaced. It was beautiful to see this animal in Montreal, but this is not normal. A whale eats krill, of minicrevettes that are not found in the fresh waters of Montreal. So, if it had not been in an accident, as it probably happened, she would have died of hunger, at a given time,” says Cyril Chauquet.

The eighth season of Bitten fishing will be presented to Escape from this Tuesday, 14 July, at 21h.

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