More and more of the personalities referred to by denunciations

De plus en plus de personnalités visées par des dénonciations

The wave of denunciations of misconduct and sexual assault is gaining momentum as the pages of testimonials on social networks are multiplying, and that the list of people targeted by these stretches.

“There is a 30 testimonies per hour “, dropped one of the board members Say his name, a group that publishes an updated list of the alleged assailants. The latter preferred to conceal his name for security reasons.

The singer, Kevin Parent

The list, which stretches from day-to-day, there were nearly 1100 names of public figures and ordinary citizens Wednesday, including Kevin Parent, By Morin, Yann Perreau, Bernard Adamus, who have recognized the actions alleged.

Other public figures named have chosen to remain silent.

The singer, Yann Perreau

On Instagram, the accounts of denunciations anonymous multiply : the worlds of politics, cinema, academia, literature and restaurants now have their own, just as most of the regions of Quebec.

Until the end

All kinds of threats and warnings have not cooled down the individuals behind the initiative Say his name.

“We will not let go of the piece. The amount of messages and testimonials we receive confirms the need for what one is doing, the young woman responsible for communications. We are not afraid of reprisals, since we only release the word of the victims. All I’m doing, I can explain it to a judge. “

The singer, Bernard Adamus

The grouping, however, has started to take steps with counsel to defend themselves.

“Warnings, they are warnings. […] It is expected that there are approaches of a more serious business against us, ” she explains.

The singer, Alex Nevsky

A new generation

If the wave #MeToo included primarily men in positions of authority, this time, it is the young people who are at the bench of the accused, think Bruno Guglielminetti, a columnist and a specialist in digital media.

“I have the impression that a new generation, men and women, comes to have a reality check “, lance-t-il.

The ex-bassist of Simple Plan, David Desrosiers

For its part, the specialist in information law and professor Pierre Trudel believes that the movement is much deeper than a crisis recurring.

“We should see it as an opportunity to improve the judicial process that works like the 19th century at a rate so daunting and with mechanisms so heavy that it becomes contra-indicated for her to call “, he thinks.

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