More motivated than ever

More motivated than ever

EDMONTON | To think that they were going to let themselves be taken out of the way so easily would have been to misunderstand the Stars. By drawing the tie in the second half of the third period on Saturday night, Joe Pavelski allowed the Texan team to close a deficit for the ninth time since the start of the playoffs.

It wasn't just the 2009 Penguins who did better with 10 lifts. Of the nine teams to have fallen behind on at least eight occasions before the Stars, eight won the Stanley Cup that year.

“We are a team that has been doing this all year,” said Rick Bowness, the day after this dramatic victory in the second overtime period. “We didn't start the game thinking we were falling behind 1-3 in the series. We approached it by simply saying that we had to win it. ”

The dynamics will be the same on Monday evening. No question of thinking of a possible elimination. Not to mention that Saturday night's victory gave the Stars confidence.

“It was a big win. It is a situation where desperation and experience come into play. We had our backs to the wall and our key players stood up. We have proven that we are able to compete with them [the Lightning] and that if we play our way, the results will follow, ”said Jamie Oleksiak.

Happy union

The Stars will inevitably use the contribution of their main scorers as a motivator. Invisible during the first three games of the series, Corey Perry (3 goals) and Tyler Seguin (5 assists) are finally showing signs of life for two meetings. Bowness had a lucky hand in bringing them together in the same unit with Joel Kiviranta.

Added to Joe Pavelski, who collects points with the regularity of a metronome, these two resurrections make the Stars a much more dangerous team.

That said, we did not fall out of our chair on the Lightning side.

“Keeping their best players off the scoresheet throughout a seven-game series was definitely not going to happen. There's a reason the Stars went looking for players like Pavelski and Perry. And this is precisely for important moments like yesterday, ”said Jon Cooper.

The paying zone

Talent is not the only reason for the acquisitions of the two veterans. Their willingness to come to the net still at their age is an example of determination. The enclave is a paid area, but painful. Certainly a little more at 36 and 35 years old.

Four of the six goals the two players have scored in the last two games have come from this positioning or the intensity they have displayed in showing up in this region.

“You have to win battles in front of the net, be prepared to get beaten up to do it. Having said that, getting there is one thing. Being able to get the puck in the right spot is another. With their calm and their experience, they know what to do. It's been their trademark throughout their careers and that's why they still play, ”praised Bowness.

  • Injured in the first period of the fifth game, Andrej Sekera remains an uncertain case for that of Monday night.
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