More staff for the processing of asylum applications

  • Vincent Larin

    Saturday, 12 August, 2017 00:12

    Saturday, 12 August, 2017 00:12

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    The Commission, which analyses the asylum applications of migrants arriving en masse at Quebec for a few weeks will put in place a team fully assigned to this file, a new situation since the arrival of boat-people from Vietnam in the late 1970s.

    The twenty commissioners of this team will be in addition to 124 already in place and which no longer provide.

    Approximately 1,000 asylum applications accumulate every month at the offices of the immigration and refugee board of Canada, says its vice-president Shereen Benzvy Miller.

    The additional team will be in place until November at least, and should allow the Commission not to accumulate too much delay.


    “It is a problem […] We do not have the ability to manage this flow now,” she told the Newspaper. When the commission was created, we did not have this volume of arrivals. “

    His body, already foresaw the arrival of 40 000 asylum seekers this year, which is nearly double the volume as usual, a figure that Ms. Sheeren Miller describes as ” moderate “.

    “We try to have the forecasts the most accurate possible, but you never know when an earthquake will trigger a wave of migration “, she explains.

    Between 1 July and 7 August, 1798 people have crossed illegally the u.s.-canada border in Quebec.

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