More than 100 schools of Moscow will open two themed restaurants instead of cafeterias

Более 100 школ Москвы откроют тематические рестораны вместо столовых

In the new school year, 100 schools will see the opening of themed restaurants, reported on the official website of the city mayor.

The project “My school restaurant” to join another 34 educational organizations. September 1, hundreds of Moscow schools instead of canteens opened theme restaurants with a new range of dishes.

“The conversion of the dining room only takes place if the project receives a majority vote,” according to the press service of the municipality.

The style and theme of the restaurant chosen by the students and teachers. Presents a choice of 14 different thematic areas. For example, “Molecular kitchen”, “Outer forces,” “Line color”, “Shape in geometry,” “the Poets of the Silver century”, “Scarlet sails”, “Old Taganka”, etc.

The design of the restaurant is created in accordance with the chosen theme: there are murals on the walls, pictures, curtains and related utensils. Changing the serving dishes, and the menu updated with new dishes.

For example, last year, at school No. 1540 was opened the restaurant “Bahai gardens”. In addition to normal food children eat fruit-berry jelly, sea buckthorn tea, medallion of Turkey, corn chicken salad.

The project “My school restaurant” launched in 2013. It aims to improve the food culture of children and to create conditions for socializing and relaxing during breaks.