More than 2,000 companies directly impacted in Poitou

    More than 2,000 companies directly impacted in Poitou

    In Brussels, negotiations are underway between the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen and the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson. The two sides are trying to reach a trade deal before the UK leaves the single European market, on December 31st. An exit without agreement, a “no deal”, would cause the re-establishment of customs barriers at the borders of the European Union and across the Channel. In Poitou, it is more than 2000 companies which are directly impacted by Brexit. A worrying prospect Patrick Leverrier, President of Futurexport. At the head of the club of exporting companies from Vienna, he is annoyed by the situation: “We are at 15 days from the deadline and we don’t know how we will have to operate in early January.

    In full uncertainty

    With these negotiations which drag on, the president of Futurexport particularly fears an exit from the United Kingdom without agreement: “S’il already a” no deal “, Great Britain becomes a third country. At that time, a whole problem of customs legislation arises: customs duties or not, new standards, … “ It is very difficult for exporting companies to prepare for the future and Patrick Leverrier fears difficulties from January 2021: “Will our companies be ready to trade, will there be any goods shipped that cannot be cleared, will French company standards continue to be accepted in the UK and vice versa? , _we don’t know anything!_

    In an attempt to prepare and face all the hypotheses, the companies of Futurexport have organized conferences with Poitiers customs, to learn how to make customs declarations or understand the various foreign standards.

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