More than 40 airports of Russia was renamed in honor of the most worthy citizens of the country

Более 40 аэропортов России переименовали в честь самых достойных граждан страны

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on awarding the 46 airports of the country the names of the Russians who have special merits before Fatherland. The document was published on Friday on the official Internet portal of legal information.

Renaming air Harbor takes place in the framework of “Great names of Russia”. The names were chosen by popular vote, the final of which residents chose names for the airports of Arkhangelsk, Nizhnevartovsk, Moscow “Vnukovo” airport and other air terminals. The most decent personalities of their cities chose the six million Russians.

In particular, the Moscow airport “Sheremetyevo” has received the name of the famous Russian poet Alexander Pushkin, “Domodedovo” was named after the scientist Mikhail Lomonosov, and “Vnukovo” have given the name of the famous aircraft designer Andrei Tupolev.

The residents of Arkhangelsk was chosen for its airport the name of the writer Fyodor Abramov, and Northern capital air Harbor Pulkovo want to be named after Fyodor Dostoevsky. In Kaliningrad airport “Khrabrovo” in accordance with the decree, was renamed in honor of Empress Elizabeth Petrovna.

The campaign also planned to hold a competition for the development of layouts for exhibitions that will be devoted to the Russians, whose names got airports.