More than 440 people applied for medical aid after floods near Irkutsk

PHOTO : / Nicholas kostyushin


Up to 23 people has increased the death toll in the floods in the Irkutsk region, reports “WORLD 24”. Unknown remains the fate of the eight. Higher numbers of patients in hospitals. For help already addressed 442 people, including hundreds of children.

Meanwhile, in all the previously flooded areas of the region, given the light. The most difficult was the situation in the village Balakshin Bor. There during the flood was a broken wire on the line, passing over a local river. To restore the power supply helped the military. The equipment they were carrying equipment necessary for repair.

“The flood washed away two wires, impossible to get to the other side. If there were porches, a long time would be eliminated. But we will provide electricity,” – says the head of RES nizhneudinskiy district, Alexander Petrov.

Also, the military together with the victims of the floods residents continue to dismantle the rubble and demolish damaged homes – those that recover anymore. The people handing out the bread, which is prepared in the army bakeries. And in mobile laboratories, experts carefully filter the water, pour it in bottles and pass on to local residents.

Flooded remains of more than 230 houses in the town of Tulun and the village of Oktyabrsky. From the zone of flooding in the summer camp were sent to every tenth child is just over 800 children.

Meanwhile, in Irkutsk oblast there is a cold front with rain, but catastrophic flooding is not expected.