More than 51 million Muscovites donated blood since the beginning of the year

Более 51 тыс. москвичей сдали кровь с начала года

In the first five months of the current year of blood and blood components donated over 51 thousand Muscovites, of which 16 thousand is made for the first time. In total, they have donated more than 63 million liters, reports RIA “Novosti”.

According to the chief doctor of the blood center name Gavrilova Olga Maiorova, from 2009 the number of donors in the Russian capital grew by 1.6 times. Increased interest is shown by students of medical organizations.

So, at the end of 2018 in Moscow become donors 83,7 thousand people (174,6 thousand liters).

Recall, 14 June is world blood donor day. To donate blood can a citizen from 18 to 60 years who do not have medical contraindications. Three days before the procedure from the diet should avoid spicy, fried and alcohol. To donate blood you can not more often than once in 60 days.

Russia is one of the leaders in the world in number of donors – 900 thousand people. In a year, they give 120 million doses of the blood and blood components – leukocytes, platelets, and plasma.