more than 60,000 deaths in France since the start of the pandemic

    more than 60,000 deaths in France since the start of the pandemic

    10:42 am: The army will intervene for the vaccination campaign in the Overseas Territories

    The army will intervene on Sunday by providing logistical support in particular for the vaccination campaign in the Overseas Territories, in particular via the transport by military plane of two freezers necessary for the conservation of vaccines to Guadeloupe and Martinique.

    10:34 am: 2019-2020, the bicycle boom

    2020 was an exceptional year for bicycle sales, boosted by the health crisis, so much so that the shortage is now threatening for two-wheelers as for spare parts. According to Decathlon, the enthusiasm for cycling has been visible and has been growing since 2017.

    But since early 2020, the sports giant has seen a real explosion with strikes in transport. With a preference for mountain bikes (all-terrain), VTC (all-terrain) and VAE (electric bikes). The coronavirus crisis then gave a new boost to the cycle market which should grow by 15% in value in 2020, after + 10% in 2019, according to a study by the Xerfi cabinet.

    10:19 am: Mayors worry about state guaranteed loans

    During an online exchange with Jean Castex, François Baroin, president of the Association of Mayors of France, expressed his concern for the future of local businesses (particularly in hotels and restaurants) particularly affected by the decline in activities and asked the Prime Minister to study the conditions under which the State could take charge of the repayment of loans guaranteed by the State which it has granted them, in the form of either equity equivalent, or grants, in order to preserve their capacity to overcome the period of crisis. As a whole, the elected officials present at this videoconference expressed their serious concerns about the world of culture and associations.

    9.45 am: Emmanuel Macron cannot explain how he could have caught the virus

    French President Emmanuel Macron, who tested positive for Covid-19 on Thursday, isolated himself for seven days at La Lanterne, the residence of heads of state in Versailles in the Yvelines. On Friday, he himself gave his news by video Friday on social networks, calling on the French to be vigilant in the face of a virus which “starts again even stronger”. He said he had the same symptoms as the day before, “fatigue, headache, dry cough”, and assured that he would give regular updates on his state of health.

    The Head of State cannot explain how he was able to catch the virus: “I am very protected, I am very careful, I respect barrier gestures, distance, I put on the mask, hydroalcoholic gel … and yet I caught the virus, probably at a time of neglect, and bad luck too “. Was he reckless?

    8:55 am: A new variant of the virus discovered in South Africa

    A new variant of the coronavirus has been detected in South Africa, which could explain the speed of transmissions of this second wave which also affects younger patients, announced the Minister of Health on Friday evening.

    This “501.V2 variant” of the virus has been identified by South African researchers and reported to the World Health Organization (WHO), Minister Zwelini Mkhize said.

    8:40 am: Curfew and police roadblocks in Kinshasa

    A curfew came into force on Friday evening in the Democratic Republic of the Congo to stop the transmission of Covid-19, which mainly affects the capital Kinshasa, a city of at least ten million inhabitants. Police roadblocks have appeared.

    8:26 a.m .: Extended confinement in Toronto

    In containment for nearly a month, Canada’s metropolis, Toronto, and much of its region will remain so for another two weeks due to the accelerating pandemic, the Ontario government announced on Friday.

    8:08 am: Third confinement in Austria

    The Austrian government will establish a third generalized containment from December 26 in an attempt to contain the pandemic. From December 26 to January 24, a curfew will apply again all day. After January 18, only residents who have undergone an antigen test will be able to resume social life before the general lifting of restrictions planned at this stage for all on January 24.

    Keeping open-air sports open, and therefore ski lifts for alpine skiing, from December 24, is left to the discretion of local and regional authorities.

    7:35 am: Sweden’s turnaround with stricter measures

    Sweden made another turnaround in its atypical and controversial coronavirus strategy on Friday, recommending the wearing of masks on public transport for the first time.

    If containment or complete closures of bars, restaurants and shops are not on the agenda, the government has presented a new series of measures and stricter recommendations including the introduction of visitor gauges in shops and clubs of gyms, limitation of tables to four people maximum in restaurants.

    7:12 am: Green light in the United States for a second anti-Covid vaccine, that of Moderna

    The United States granted emergency authorization for Moderna’s vaccine against Covid-19 on Friday evening, the United States Medicines Agency (FDA) announced. The remedy from the young biotechnology firm will therefore join that of the Pfizer / BioNTech alliance in the huge vaccination campaign that began Monday in the United States. “Congratulations, Moderna’s vaccine is now available!” Said President Donald Trump.

    7:08 am: Four arrests after a clandestine party

    Four people were arrested and taken into custody for having organized last Saturday at 57 rue de Varenne, in Paris, a paying clandestine party with a DJ bringing together a hundred people in a triplex near the Hôtel de Matignon (7th arrondissement). Admission was set at 100 euros per person. The sum of 40,000 euros would have been discovered on the account of one of the suspects, a tout, according to BFM Paris.

    Many clandestine parties had been interrupted by the police last weekend, especially in Nantes, Marseille or Strasbourg.

    6:50 a.m .: India surpasses 10 million cases

    India exceeded 10 million cases of contamination by the coronavirus on Saturday, the Ministry of Health announced, making this country the second in the world in terms of contamination. The number of cases has just exceeded 10 million when more than 25,000 contaminations have been identified in the last 24 hours. Since the start of the pandemic, India has recorded 145,136 deaths linked to the virus and 9.6 million patients have recovered, according to the same source.

    6:40 am: Macron promises transparency on his state of health

    President Emmanuel Macron spoke for the first time this Friday since his test positive for Covid-19. He posted a video on social media.

    “I wanted to reassure you, I’m fine, I have the same symptoms as yesterday (Thursday, Editor’s note), that is to say fatigue, headaches, a dry cough, like hundreds of thousands of ‘between you who have had to live this virus or who are living it today. I will report to you every day of the progress of the disease. There is normally no reason that it evolves badly. subject to medical surveillance and I will report it to you in a completely transparent manner, ”he adds.

    6:37 am: More than 60,000 dead in France since the start of the pandemic

    There are 15,674 contaminations this Friday in 24 hours, according to data published by Public Health France. The figure is down from Thursday. In total, 2,442,990 people have been infected with the coronavirus in France since the start of the pandemic. The test positivity rate is 5.9%.

    In addition, 264 deaths have been recorded in the last 24 hours in France. The bar of 60,000 deaths (60,229) since the start of the pandemic has been crossed this Friday.

    The number of people treated in intensive care stood at 2,764 patients on Friday, down from 2,808 on Thursday. Same scenario for the number of hospitalized patients, at 24,945, against 25,182 the day before.

    6:35 am: President Macron’s state of health tested positive for Covid on Thursday, 60,000 dead in France since the start of the pandemic, massive screening in the cities of Le Havre and Charleville-Mézières, mandatory tests to travel to Corsica: follow live the news of the coronavirus epidemic in France and around the world this Saturday, December 19.

    6:30 am: Hello everyone, welcome to this live video dedicated to the coronavirus epidemic in France and around the world.

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