More than 70 thousand cars Fiat came under opinion

Более 70 тыс. автомобилей Fiat попали под отзыв

Corporation Fiat Chrysler Automobiles announced the launch of a callable of the company at the Fiat 500.

We are talking about 72 761 cars in the world.

As stated in the official statement, the failure is possible on the cars of 2012-2013 model year.

This problem can occur with cable connections that can collapse under the influence of heat and humidity.

This situation may provoke the disconnection of the shift cable.

In an official statement, FCA said the company is aware of three such cases that have not resulted in injury.

But decided to play it safe and check all cars. The main danger in this situation is the case when the vehicle is in the Parking lot. If the transmission cannot be switched as desired, the car can roll.

The report says that adjustments to the shift cable will be replaced with a more durable bushing.