More than 70 Ukrainian companies engaged in the development of computer games – survey

Более 70 украинских компаний занимаются разработкой компьютерных игр, – опрос

According to preliminary estimates, the Ukrainian industry of developing a computer game works, more than 20,000 developers, and a few thousand of them — in the large international gaming companies, Ubisoft, Wargaming, Plarium, Playtika and Gameloft who have offices in our country.

UNIT.City together with ACHIEVERS HUB presented its first report on the gaming industry in Ukraine. In the survey participated 72 Ukrainian game development company, 40% of whom are in Kiev.

According to NewZoo, global games market revenues will reach volume of $137,9 billion At the same time, the share of mobile games is growing rapidly: this year it will take up more than half of the market, and by 2021 — almost 60%.

Income of international companies from the gaming business is measured in billions. Interestingly, the top 25 companies in terms of revenues from the game dev is Ubisoft, which has a development office in Ukraine. In 2017, the company earned $2.2 billion, which earned her 12th place in the ranking.

For example, Ubisoft see that the interest of foreign gaming giants to the Ukrainian market exists and may eventually grow. According to experts, this trend is already apparent.

“In recent years, foreign investors and partners begin to look at our country not only as a source of cheap production capacity, and creative centre. Of course, they often asked: “how much do you all gaming companies in the country?” “Where are they concentrated?”, “Under what platforms they primarily develop games?” – says Elena Lobova, the founder of the ACHIEVERS platform HUB.

Every tenth game company respondents in Ukraine, founded in the last year.

Three global companies in Ukraine (Plarium, Playtika and Gameloft) have a staff of over 500 employees each.

Almost 70% of all game development companies in Ukraine are developing their own products, 25% of indie developers. Outsourcing and outstaffing are engaged in about 40% of the respondents.

According to the findings: 40% of game development companies located in the capital and 16% in Odessa. Followed by Dnipro, Kharkiv and Lviv. In total, according to preliminary estimates, in Ukraine the creation of games are over 20,000 developers.

20% of companies have a portfolio of only one game. At the same time, a quarter of the companies have already released more than 10 games.

76% of companies are developing the means of founders. Only 3% gamedev developers have specialized investor.

About 80% of developers make mobile games: according to research, the most popular platform for the development of games in Ukraine – Android (82%) and iOS (79%).

Among Ukrainian developers of computer games the most popular platform of Unity (69%), and the genre – Action (63%).

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