More than a dozen doctors infected during a curling tournament

More than a dozen health professionals who took part in a curling tournament in Edmonton, from 11 to 14 march, were infected by the coronavirus, has announced the director of the public health service of Saskatchewan.

Dr. Saqib Shahab explained, on Saturday, during a press briefing with the local media, that 11 physicians in Saskatchewan have contracted the COVID-19 after participating in the event. This is half of the 22 doctors of saskatchewan to be returned to the tournament.

Other doctors on the Prairies were also likely to developed the disease or, at least, had to be placed in isolation. More than fifty physicians participated in the tournament, which was held before the ban of gatherings of more than 250 people in Canada.

However, ironically, the government of Saskatchewan had already started, a week before the tournament, to appeal to the prudence of the population, particularly in recommending to people who are experiencing symptoms to stay at home.

The president of the medical association of Saskatchewan, Dr. Allan Woo, had already confirmed last Tuesday to have been infected during the tournament. He said being placed in isolation at the onset of its first symptoms, and said that the patients with whom he had been in contact would be contacted.

“It reminds us that physicians are not invincible. The risks of such a pandemic are very real. I hope that my case will serve as a warning for health care workers, and others, to be vigilant for their health. Everyone should take precautions and watch their symptoms,” he wrote in a letter announcing his illness.

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