Morneau announces an expansion of access to the wage subsidy

Morneau annonce un élargissement de l'accès à la subvention salariale

The Trudeau government will expand access to the wage subsidy to businesses that have revenue losses of less than 30 % have the rights to.

This is what was stated Friday by the minister of Finance, Bill Morneau, in point of Toronto press. He clarified that the content of the grant for eligible employers will be reduced gradually, proportionally based on the percentage of income declines demonstrated.

Recall that the federal government also intends to extend until December the aid measure, which is being deployed in the context of the crisis of the COVID-19.

This program is designed to cover 75 % of the salary of employees working for companies undergoing major financial losses due to the pandemic, up to a maximum of $ 847 per week. To prevail, the employer had, according to the terms of the current, demonstrating a loss of revenue of 30 %, which has been criticised by several.

In his economic portrait unveiled last week, Ottawa is anticipated that the measure will cost 82 billion $ in 2020-2021. However, the program did not have the popularity expected so far. Dated as of July 13, 20.38 to $ billions had been spent for 667 400 approved applications.

The Trudeau government hope that more and more workers will take this program rather than having to turn to the Benefit of canadian emergency (PKU).

This other program, far more popular, allows Canadians who have lost their jobs, who cannot work or who earn $ 1,000 or less per month, to receive 2000 $ monthly. As of the date of 12 July, the federal government had paid nearly $ 60 billion in benefits.

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