Mortal Kombat: Robocop enters the arena

Mortal Kombat: Robocop entre dans l’arène

Mortal Kombat is preparing to welcome a whole new fighter in its stable. On Tuesday, RoboCop comes in the famous franchise, ready to be measured at Scorpion, Sub Zero, Kitana and company.

The announcement, made at the beginning of the month, has been welcomed by a enthusiasm monster fans.

Why ?

Because, in addition to bringing back the famous character and his interpreter, original (Peter Weller), this new downloadable content will allow RoboCop to face the Terminator, who has joined the ranks of Mortal Kombat last year.

The two characters were originally scheduled to compete on the big screen in the early 1990s in a project that was ultimately never saw the light of day. The two heroes have crossed the iron in the pages of Dark Horse Comics during a limited series published in four volumes in 1992. The following year, it was on different consoles they clashed with the video game RoboCop vs Terminator.

The time of the contrast thus seems to have sounded for the two heroes.

The tradition continues

It is not unusual that Mortal Kombat is recruiting new combatants in the world of cinema. In recent years, the icons of horror Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees and Leatherface have been invited to ride in the arena, just like the predator and the anhedral of the franchises Predator and Alien.

In fact, although many fans are looking forward to the arrival of RoboCop, other have not hidden their disappointment, expecting to be able to take the controls of a new leading figure of the cinema of horror this month.

The rumor for a while that Ash Williams, the hero of the saga, Evil Dead armed with a roaring chainsaw, is the next guest of the studios NetherRealm and Warner Bros. After all, the world of the horror is very near of the universe ultra-violent and bloody than Mortal Kombat.

But at first glance, one must admit that RoboCop seems to have quickly taken his ease in this world ; the video revealed in the ad campaign the show armed with an impressive arsenal of firearms and flanked by his accomplice ED-209.

Update expensive

The famous agent of the order does not happen only on the consoles of the fans. This new extension will also allow players to take control of Sheeva and Fujin, two well known figures of the series.

The warrior half-human, half-dragon and the god of the winds, to resume the service after 9 and 14 years of absence from the selection screen of the fighters.

The price, however, is rather beefy. It cost fifty dollars to players wanting to control RoboCop, Sheeva and Fujin.

Free Alternative

Those who refuse to untie their purse strings will have same right with a few new additions, available through a free update.

Failing to be able to get their hands on the new fighters, they will be able to explore new arenas, two of which are particularly familiar : the house of souls and the pool of acid. The nostalgic trépignent already looking forward to the idea of re-living the sweet satisfaction of propelling his opponent into a bath of greenish liquid where it will decompose at the end of a fight.

For those who prefer it to the finals less bloody, they will be happy to learn that the Friendships are back after a prolonged absence. This way to end the fighting in a humorous way, and resolutely pacific had been set aside after Mortal Kombat 3in 1995.

The expansion, Aftermath for Mortal Kombat 11 will be available starting Tuesday.

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