Mortgage choice: the Kazakhs were offered accommodation on favorable terms

PHOTO : MIR / Hope Serezhkin


$ 130 million for the implementation of housing programmes: the government of Kazakhstan offered to citizens to buy apartments on favorable terms. That often choose, new or second homes, found out the correspondent channel “WORLD 24” Alena Zabirova.

Now a resident of Nur-Sultan Berik Aidarbekov is the owner of a Studio apartment. Housing purchased on the secondary market, but in the city centre and close to work.

“I work as a programmer and often stay late in the office. Very convenient, apartment. Do not spend on travel. And to have a house in the city center prestigious, it is always price,” he said.

Nur-Sultan Berwick for eight years. All this time I had to rent a room to save money in a savings account for the purchase of the apartment.

“I chose the program of housing savings. Through it the Bank provides a minimum interest rate from 5% to 3.5%, and I can repay the debt in 6 years,” explained Berwick.

The house is not new, but it has its advantages, says Novosel: “the Walls are thick out, not that in new homes. Neighbors did not hear”.

40 square meters, spacious layout. From the previous owners of the apartment were renovated and furnished. Purchase man satisfied as a district in which he lives.

“Near my house there is a shopping centre. Where I buy my food, but the clothes are too expensive for me. To the stop here, walk very quickly, no more than three minutes. There is also a children’s clinic near, but to go to an adult about half an hour. For me the important thing is that the work at hand. Despite the fact that the area is in principle a holidays as it is an older center, often arrange concerts,” he listed features purchase.

But in the family of Potassium put up with the noise of the Central streets do not want. Prefer to live in a residential area. The apartment took in a new building. The only downside to the centre about an hour by car.

After the wedding, the couple two years lived with their parents. Saving up for a down payment on the mortgage. Then operated the program in which he accounted for half of the price. Thanks to the program “20-7-25” to take a loan managed faster. Have accumulated 20% of the cost. The remaining amount of return of 7% per annum. Now the family apartment in 65 square meters.

“We think this program is more profitable and money I had to save up long. As the apartment is new, we all arranged to your taste. In principle, we like the house,” – said Kaliev Ayan, a resident of Nur the Sultan.

Now in Kazakhstan in the queue for housing are more than 500 thousand people. Every year in the country donate millions of square meters of housing, for their availability, run various program. Offer of rental apartments for those who cannot afford for a mortgage. To rent housing at a reduced cost can many children and needy families.