Moscow and the Moscow region have been leaders in literary tourism

Москва и Подмосковье стали лидерами по литературному туризму

Moscow and Moscow oblast became the leaders in the list of the most popular destinations for literary tourism. Specialists in travel noted that included in the rating of regions has many of the estates of famous writers, RIAMA reports with reference to the results of private research.

Experts said that in Moscow is the largest number of museums and mansions of famous Russian poets and writers among other regions of the country.

In second place was the Moscow region, where the estate of Fyodor Tyutchev “Muranovo” and the state Museum-reserve Dmity Mendeleyev and Alexander Blok shakhmatovo

The bronze went to Nizhny Novgorod region, where the literary Museum located in the premises of patrimonial estate of Alexander Pushkin “Boldino”.

Apart from these, the top 5 included Tula oblast, where the estate and Museum of Leo Tolstoy “Yasnaya Polyana” and the Ryazan region to the estate of Sergey Yesenin “Konstantinovo”.