Moscow doctors held two thousandth operation for a unique technique

PHOTO : Dmitry Belitsky, “Mir”


In children’s city clinical hospital of St. Vladimir held a thousandth of the operation using a technique which involves the access to internal organs through the navel, according to the official website of the Moscow mayor.

Two thousand the patient is a four year old boy admitted to the hospital with acute appendicitis. According to the head of the Department of pediatric surgery Manvel Hakobyan, now it feels good.

“We are having abdominal operations of any complexity on the liver, ovaries, and testes, gallbladder, pancreas, spleen, gastrointestinal tract. The essence of the method is that no incisions on the skin is not possible. In the navel is done in just two small holes for the introduction of instruments. The method greatly facilitates the postoperative period for the patient, leaves no cosmetic defects on the skin,” added Manvel Hakobyan.

Children’s city clinical hospital of St. Vladimir is one of the largest pediatric hospitals in Moscow. Each year, patient treatment here receive about 20 thousand children.