Moscow ponds helps to patrol the hexacopter



Moscow ponds began to patrol from the air. In urban search-and-rescue service on water objects appeared hexacopter.

This is a very big drone has six motors, and in case of failure of one of them the machine can safely land. Rescuers will use it to monitor the Moscow reservoirs. And if you have an accident, the hexacopter will be able to deliver the sinking liferaft, vest and first aid kit.

“Flight time to 70 minutes, load capacity up to 7 kg. For our purposes it is more than enough. And temperature from -20 to +40. Thus, we can use it in all high-threat periods. This is the freezing of the pond, flood, special hot period”, – said the head of the search and rescue station “Serebryany Bor” Yaroslav Montenegro.

Built-in camera transmits a clear picture of what is happening at the bottom, it can help to look after any accidents on the water even at night.

Now the Moscow rescue just one device, but in the future, “fleet” will be expanded.