Moscow zoo will show the life of pandas online

Московский зоопарк покажет жизнь панд в онлайне

Moscow zoo from 1 July launch live video from the enclosures of pandas Jouy and Dindin. Eight cameras will be available to broadcast animal life, reports the Moscow 24.

To observe the feeding of the pandas, their games will be in a special section of the zoo site. The online stream will allow you to see what animals are doing at different times.

The camera installs with different angles. The zoo also plan to start the stream from the enclosures shrub dogs and maned wolves.

We will remind, bamboo bears, which are considered to be the unofficial symbol of China, was transferred to China by Russia during the visit of President Vladimir Putin to China in April this year. Jouy and Dindin – citizens of China. Legally all pandas in the world is the property of China, they are not allowed to give and to sell.

In the Moscow zoo pandas live 15 years. Then they returned home, like the cubs that are born.