Most of place where to put the containers of goods

Plus de place où mettre les conteneurs de marchandises

While several companies are on “pause” because of the COVID-19, and in particular in the retail sector, the containers accumulate in the warehouses and on sites of partners of the Port of Montreal, as the Group OEC and Logistec.

“Definitely, the COVID-19 has had an impact. In the industry, thousands of containers across Quebec who have had to be stored “, says the president and chief executive officer of the Group OEC, Marc Bibeau, preferring not to reveal numbers only for his company.

In recent weeks, some of the Group’s customers OEC have simply not been able to receive their goods, in part because of the closure of their distribution centre. Others did not have the capacity in their warehouse to accommodate more products.

Group OEC, which specifies, however, that the situation is improving week by week with the resumption of certain activities, works with retailers such as Aldo, Winners and Reitmans.

“There are thousands of containers that arrive each day. The importers have had to find additional space for their volume, ” noted Mr. Bibeau, stating that this also affects the products to be exported.

In order to meet the demand of its customers, the Group OEC, which has been brewing business in the maritime transport, land and air, has had to make agreements with other companies to have access to an area of additional storage on secure sites.

At Logistec, the management has also confirmed that she had to juggle with the accumulation of metal cans. The company has not, however, been forced to rent additional land to accommodate its customers ‘ products.

Additional land

Moreover, this increase for the storage of goods “non-essential” has forced CargoM, an organization that represents the sector of the logistics and transportation of goods in Greater Montréal, and its partners to develop a contingency plan to ensure the fluidity of transport.

“We have listed the square feet available in the logistics business. At this time, we have 15 million square feet of space available outdoors on land and about 1.5 million in buildings, ” says the ceo, Mathieu Charbonneau.

The latter states that there is also a scenario in the cartons in collaboration with the government to accommodate the goods, as required, on a vacant piece of land and secure, close to the port of Montreal.

“Right now, it is sure that there is an accumulation, because there are businesses that are closed and they cannot receive the goods,” says Mr. Charbonneau.

On Monday, the Montreal port Authority has assured that the challenges for the storage of containers does not slow down its activities.

On the side of the Quebec port Authority, the management stated that there is no problem of storage of goods.

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