Most Russians believe marriage registration mandatory

Большинство россиян считают регистрацию брака обязательной

The marriage must be officially registered, this opinion is shared by 77% of Russians. Writes about this TASS with reference to survey data of the all-Russia centre of studying of public opinion (VTSIOM).

As the authors of the study, this view is particularly relevant among people older than 60 years (84%).

11% of respondents also believe that marriage should be registered. However, the trip to the registry office is not a prerequisite for the family. This opinion is typical for young people aged 18 to 24 years (17%) and 25 to 34 years (18%).

The best age for marriage for women, according to most (94%), – 24 years. For men the threshold is kept at around 27 years.

56% of respondents expressed the view that to decide on the dissolution of a marriage is based on the specific situation. 30% believe that divorce is imminent, if the family almost disintegrated, 10% believe that the family need to save anyway.

Among the reasons for which a divorce can be cancelled, the Russians called the inability to “divide” children (34%) and financial dependence of one spouse (25%).

The reasons for divorce can be poverty, lack of jobs and opportunities to feed the family (46%), infidelity and jealousy (22%), selfishness and lack of understanding (21%).

Earlier, the poll “polls-Sputnik” has shown that the majority of Russians called the children just liked the names. In honor of the relatives of the baby names given to only 27% of respondents. Another 7% have named children in honor of the patron Saint, 4% – in honor of celebrity and 3% – in honor of historical figures. And 1% of respondents named the baby after him.