Mother of singer Rita Ora appeared fairer and younger daughter

Мама певицы Риты Оры оказалась красивее и моложе дочери

Seeing the fresh photos in the Internet, fans thought the singer posing next to a friend. As it turned out, the photo shows her 52-year-old mother.

Popular British singer Rita Ora has said repeatedly that to succeed in show business, she helped her mother Vera Ora. However, fans decided that the artist underestimates his parent, who was prettier than her. It turns out that the mother of the singer Rita Ora not only propel her in the show industry, but also was awarded a beautiful figure and appearance.

Now a popular singer Rita Ora is resting with family on the Cote d’azur of France. Recently, the Network appeared shots of the star posing next to her mother Vera Ora. Faith was struck by its beauty of many users. Some noted that the mother looks better than her daughter and even younger. The woman is well maintained and has a pleasant appearance.

This fact may seem ridiculous, after all, Rita was only 27 years old, and her mom is 52. However, he doesn’t say. In the picture the two ladies posing in swimsuits. Your way they complement the bracelets on her arms and sunglasses.


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