Mother Selena Gomez showed archival video of the singer

Мать Селены Гомес показала архивное видео с участием певицы

Fans were surprised to see five future celebrity.

Mother of famous actress Selena Gomez Mandy Typhus showed in the Network of archived videos featuring the singer, which was recorded back in 1997. On the video five of Selena talking on the phone with his mother, who at that time was at work, wondering how her day at school. Baby laugh of his many fans, as with the business she has put his mother before the fact, stating that she would have to help her with homework when she gets home.

Mandy said that her daughter grew up literally in a moment, and she failed to understand how it happened. Many fans of Selena Gomez said that their favorite has not changed since that early age, retaining all the unique features of a face and transformed into a real beauty. We will remind, recently the American media has published the news that Justin Bieber announced his engagement with his beloved Selena Gomez, and earlier paparazzi photographed the ring on the ring finger of the singer.


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