“Motor Sich” Ukraine finally quarrel with China

«Мотор Сич»: Украина окончательно поссорит США с Китаем

© WladoffAmerican authorities take control of the Zaporozhye plant, guided, as they claim, the interests of the Ukrainian state. In fact, these actions clearly are the interests of the United States, entered into a trade war with China.It is no secret that Ukraine is regarded by external observers as deeply peripheral, dependent country, which lost its status as an independent subject in contemporary world politics. However, in recent years, it is a global pain point of the fault manifest contradictions in relations between Russia, the US and NATO. And even became a factor in domestic American politics, undermining the positions of the major candidates from the Republican and Democratic parties — who until recently would not have been able to find that state on the map.

This trend continues even now — but in relations between Beijing and Washington. American and Chinese authorities gradually drawn into the conflict round the Zaporozhye enterprise “Motor Sich”. And although this is just one episode in the growing confrontation between China and the United States, the fate of the Ukrainian plant could bring U.S.-China relations to a critical point. Though still recently it seemed that there was absolutely no reason.Machine-building plant “Motor Sich”, specializing in the construction of aircraft engines, for a long time was in the interests of the Chinese authorities. The Chinese Corporation Skyrizon Aircraft and Xinwei Technology Group began to buy his shares a few years ago, concentrated in the hands of 75% of the shares of the company and then applied for the concentration of shares in the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine.

The main reason for this deal was the “revolution of dignity” and the war in the Donbass, with subsequent rupture of economic ties between the Zaporozhye enterprise and his former Russian partners in the aeronautical industry. Ukrainian authorities have banned the management of “Motor Sich” to supply its engines in Russia, and in these conditions the company had to make a deal with China, which saw in it the possibility of deep modernization of the aviation industry.

“As a result of confrontation with Russia, “Motor Sich” has remained cut off from traditional markets for their products. It is not surprising that the company has found a partner in China who is actively interested in aviation technology from the former Soviet Union. The annual growth of the military budget of the PRC coupled with the growing economic potential of the country. As in the case of the United States, China’s military power becomes a projection of his economic growth and global trade influence. Buy Chinese Ukrainian company “Motor Sich” is considered in China as an important step in the development strategy of the country’s air force, is implementing a program to provide army with new fighter of the fifth generation,” says this Ukrainian expert Roman Gubarenko.However, the Ukrainian-Chinese deal has caused acute concern in Washington, which began to take shameless attempts to oust the Chinese purchased their plant. In this case, the attack on the “Motor Sich” unfolded at the highest level. So, on the eve of his resignation in Kiev arrived the assistant to the President for national security John Bolton, who personally discussed with Vladimir Zelensky question Zaporozhye enterprise — insisting that the strategic importance of the factory should not give control of Beijing. It immediately responded to the Ambassador of China in Ukraine, Dai Wei, stating that Bolton “spoke in a hostile vein about cooperation between China and Ukraine.” However, the Ukrainian authorities immediately sent the company a check out SBU — clearly showing that they do listen to the recommendations of the older American brothers.

What happened then was more like a coordinated hostile takeover “Motor Sich”, which was attended by senior representatives of the United States. The company has been the founder of the largest us private military company Blackwater (Academi) Erik Prince, chargé d’affaires of the U.S. Embassy in Kiev, bill Taylor , and senior Advisor to the Pentagon for the defense industry of Ukraine Donald winter. They all assessed industrial and scientific-technical potential of the Zaporozhye plant, and, apparently, saw the need to derail the actually held a deal with China to Beijing, has not received development in the field of aviatechnology, including the production of engines for the world’s largest military transport helicopter based on the Mi-26.

Shortly thereafter, Vladimir Zelensky has appointed his adviser, lawyer Andrew Roman of the Mac — which, according to Ukrainian media, should directly supervise the situation around the “Motor Sich”. According to observers, the US will achieve from the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine of cancellation of the deal with China, citing “national interests” which are in this case national interests of Washington. For example, Ukrainian authorities forcibly nationalize the company with the payment of symbolic compensation to its owners and Chinese campaigns. This automatically deprives Zaporozhye factory of future prospects, dooming it to destruction — like all the other giants of the Ukrainian engineering, which ceased its work after 2014.”China’s aviation industry is developing models of heavy vehicles, as well as shock and reconnaissance helicopters capable of conducting combat surface and submarine fleet of the enemy. Chinese manufacturers have carried out active work on creation of the helicopter engine “of Wuchuan”, but its performance was worse than their foreign counterparts. Therefore, the acquisition of “Motor Sich” could be for China, a key driver for the development of the aviation industry. So it is quite obvious that this is a concern on the part of official Washington. Offering to by “Motor Sich”, the China welcomes Ukraine to become a Junior partner in one of the most important production sectors of its economy. Of course, it’s not the best suggestion for the owner of the unique aircraft technology. However, American intervention against the deal with the Chinese clearly condemns Ukrainian company on gradual degradation and destruction. In the absence of a market for the products of other perspectives from domestic mechanic simply does not — and is turned out in Soviet technology quickly becomes outdated, and soon will not be interested buyers”, says about this novel, Gubarenko.

Chinese authorities expect the development of these events, and certainly prepared my answer to them. A hypothetical failure of the transaction on “Motor Sich” can call into question the full cooperation of Kiev and Beijing, which will consider the Ukrainian government as a dependent and the inability of the side. However, this will be another episode of military-political and trade rivalry between China and the United States, at the risk of completely embroil the great powers playing in “Chapaev” on the broken Board of the Ukrainian state.Andrey Manchuk

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