Motorists Chisinau demand lower fuel prices

PHOTO : MIR / Nicholas kostyushin


In Chisinau protesting motorists. A few days in the country is much expensive gasoline and diesel fuel. Why prices have soared – find out the correspondent channel “WORLD 24” Irina Glushko.

Dozens of motorists gathered outside the government building. In protest, they parked their cars in the main square of the country for a few hours.

The rally organized by the public organization. Activists demand lower prices not only for fuel but also for food and utilities.

“We are asking about lowering the cost of fuel, which overnight rose to lay. Also a clear explanation of why it happened, because there are different motives. ANRE says about one situation, the importers on the other, the government is silent, the Parliament is, unfortunately, still not met. Of course, people just don’t understand what’s going on and even today we vaguely understand, from whom to demand”, – said the organizer of the action Michael Bagas.

Many gas stations gasoline rose six cents. Now liter of the most popular brands Premium-95 is one dollar eight cents. Jumped in price and diesel. Asked for a liter of 97 cents instead of 93.

“I feel when I fill the tank, the difference now in 100 lei. Before it was 800, now give it to 900,” said protester Alexander Philip.

Participants of the action intend to seek dialogue with the authorities. If they won’t hear tonight, the protesters are ready to boycott the refills, switch to public transport.

“We need to reject the car, although the work is regular meetings. More than 100 km per day, I’m ready to switch to public transport. It will take more time, but at least it is better to sacrifice this month for the future,” said motorist Alexander Chernov.

Prices rose in several oil companies. The competition Council is called into question in that they acted independently. The office has launched an investigation to determine whether there was concluded a cartel agreement.

Before the price was controlled by the government, but in March the government returned to the old calculation methodology the price of fuel. Refills now set your own price based on their calculations. Importantly, the margin never exceeded 10%.