Movie night, dinner at a restaurant, a Parisian hotel brings the world back to life

    Movie night, dinner at a restaurant, a Parisian hotel brings the world back to life

    By Rizhlaine F. Photos by My B. Posted on January 12, 2021 at 12:56 pm Updated January 12, 2021 at 12:56 pm

    In the heart of the Saint-Germain district, a Parisian hotel invites us to return to the world before. Movie night, dinner at the restaurant, glass of champagne and night in a double room, during a stay, the Madison hotel makes us relive these activities that we miss so much today.
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    <p>An 2021. <strong>Paris</strong> still lives under curfew. On the side of <strong>bars</strong> and<strong> restaurants</strong>, the iron curtain is lowered. The doors of the cinemas are closed. The Parisian art of living is on hiatus … But in the district of<strong> Saint-Germai</strong>n, an address resists, again and again. Welcome to the<strong>Madison Hotel</strong>, the refined address that brings us back to the world before.

    An evening like before, that’s what this spot promises us through its unusual offer. Available from 250€ for two people, this special detour through the past takes you back to those beautiful outings that you will have missed so much. Like the genie of the lantern, themadison hotel grant three wishes.

    To the delight of moviegoers, you enjoy a movie night through a private screening of 2 hours for which you should reserve your time slot in advance. Comfortably seated on a sofa, armed with crispy popcorn, you let yourself be transported by the film of your choice among those offered to you on the platform.

    For a restaurant dinner without the fear of a curfew, the Madison also responds present. This time thehotel partners with a brasserie lighthouse of the district of Saint Germain, the Cafe Louise, for a nice tasting. A menu starter dish dessert is offered to you on a table set either in a private room for the occasion, or by the fireplace, in front of the hotel fireplace.

    Are you missing the famous last drink? Abracadabra, here is your glass of champagne Laurent Perrier offered. And after a sweet night in double room, we savor his breakfast in your room while remembering the happiness of landing at the local café.

    So, ready for this evening “as before”?

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