Movies and books that change lives

Фильмы и книги, которые меняют жизнь

Books that change lives

In this list there are no random books. Just select the section you are interested. And emotional read!


1.Transformation. The path to a full life — Luke Reinhardt

2.The Strength Of The Present — Eckhart Tolle

3.The Power of Now. Practice — Eckhart Tolle

4.A new earth. Awakening to your life’s purpose — Eckhart Tolle

5.I need your love — is that so? — Byron Katie

6.The Four Agreements — Miguel Ruiz

7.How to read books. Guide to reading the great works of Mortimer Adler

8.Rules. Real and well-defined laws of success — Jack Canfield, Janet Switzer

9.7 habits of highly effective people. Powerful tools of personality development — Stephen R. Covey

10.The fourth tunnel — Igor Andreev

11.The monk who sold his Ferrari — Robin Sharma

12.Sex, money, happiness and death. In search of self — Manfred Kets de Vries

13.The Project Happiness. Dreams. Plan. New life — Gretchen Rubin

14.Happiness in hard times Andrew Matthews

15.The only way out is within — Rohini Singh

16.Personal development. Principles and techniques from a recognized expert — Steve Pavlina

17.Black stripes in white! Or How to get out of failure — Anthony Robbins

18.The book is about the power — Anthony Robbins

19.Reignite your inner giant — Anthony Robbins

20.To hell with it! Beris and do! — 2 — Richard Branson

21.The magic of thinking big — David Schwartz

22.Think like a millionaire — T. Harv Eker

23.The virtue of selfishness — Ayn Rand

24.Stream. The psychology of optimal experience — Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

25.In search of flow. Psychology of engagement in everyday life — Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

26.Stone face, Black heart — Chin-ning Chu

27.To say life is “Yes!”. Psychologist in a concentration camp — Viktor Frankl

28.Conversations with God. The unusual dialogue. Book 1 — Neale Donald Walsh

29.Conversations with God. The unusual dialogue. Book 2 — Neale Donald Walsh

Фильмы и книги, которые меняют жизнь

30.Conversations with God. The unusual dialogue. Book 3 — Neale Donald Walsh

31.A little Book of life Neale Donald Walsh

32.The rabbit hole, or What we know about ourselves and the Universe — William Arntz, Betsy chase, mark Vicente

33.The Secret — Rhonda Byrne

34.The Power — Rhonda Byrne

35.Practical course of Transerfing for 78 days (set of 2 books) — Vadim Zeland

36.Apocryphal Transurfing — Vadim Zeland

37.The trap of enlightenment. A revolutionary look at spirituality in the modern world — Marianne Kaplan


1.Whole life. Key skills to achieve your goals — Les Hewitt, Jack Canfield, mark Victor Hansen

2.Try it, you will succeed! When was the last time you did something for the first time? — Seth Godin

3.Mojo. How to get it how to preserve it and how to get back if you lose Marshall goldsmith, mark Reiter

4.Calling. How to find what you created and live in your element — Ken Robinson with the participation of Lou’s Aronica


1.Muse and the beast. How to organize creative work. 12 seasons and All that mattered this year. 365 days a very creative person (set of 3 books) — Yana Frank

2.Extreme time management — Nicholas Mroczkowski, Alexei Tolkachev

3.The power of full engagement. Energy management is the key to high performance, health and happiness — Jim Loher, Tony Schwartz

4.How we work — not working. Proven methods of controlling the vital energy — Tony Schwartz, Jean Gomes, Catherine McCarthy

5.How to work 4 hours a week and not to stay in the office “from bell to bell”, live anywhere and grow rich — Timothy Ferris

6.Rules of self-organization — Richard Templar

7.A full order. Weekly plan against chaos at work, at home and in my head — Regina Leeds

8.Mind-management. The solution to business problems using mind maps — Sergei Bekhterev

9.How to quickly get your Affairs in order. 52 the principle of effective stress — David Allen

10.How to keep things in order. The principles of healthy stress-free life — David Allen

11.The time drive. How to live and work — Gleb Arkhangelsk

12.Send all on … a Paradoxical path to success and prosperity — John Parkin

13.The third opening force A. Sidersky

14.These important little things. 163 ways to pursue excellence — Tom Peters


1. Atlas shrugged. Three volumes in one book — Ayn Rand

2. Business and Zhzhizn. True, which is not saying. Business and Zhzhizn. Secret files A. Parabellum

3. And botany doing business Maxim Kotin

4. How to become a businessman Oleg Tinkov

5. A startup without a budget — Mike Michalowicz

6. A hobby is a business. How to make a living from what you love — Gary Vaynerchuk

7. Purple cow. Make your business stand out! — Seth Godin

8. Irreplaceable. Is it possible to do without you? — Seth Godin

9. You can arrange everything! How to achieve the maximum in any negotiation — Gavin Kennedy

10. Infobiznes. Make money by selling information — A. Luger, N. Mroczkowski

11. Push your business! 200 ways to raise sales and profits — A. Luger, N. Mroczkowski

12. Business without rules. How to break down stereotypes and to receive profit — Parabellum A., N. Mroczkowski

13. Coaching as a business. A practical model for making money — A. Luger, N. Mroczkowski

14. How to succeed in business by breaking all the rules — Dan S. Kennedy

15. The secret weapon of marketing. Find your unique advantage, turn it into a powerful advertising message and conveyed to the right customers — Dan Kennedy

16. More money from your business. Guerrilla marketing in action Alexander Levitas

17. Selling the invisible. Guide to modern marketing of services, Harry Beckwith

18. Without a second thought. The hidden forces that compel us to buy — Harry Beckwith

19. Imagine! — Tom Peters

20. Building business models. Handbook of the strategist and innovator — Alexander Osterwalder, Eve Tower

21. The influence of agents on the Internet. How to use social media for business — Chris Brogan, Julien Smith

22. How to charm people. Art to influence the minds and actions — guy Kawasaki

23. Copywriting. How not to eat a dog. Create texts that sell — Dmitry cat

24. Sell letter. How to write a sales letter to attract the maximum number of clients Dan Kennedy

25.The art of creating advertising messages. Directory of prominent American copywriters — Joseph Sugarman

26. Copywriting mass destruction — Denis Kaplunov


1. The Mastery Of Love. The art of harmonious relationship — don Miguel Ruiz

2. The last lecture — Randy Paul

3. Be yourself. How to say and do what you want without creating problems — Mike Robbins

4. Do not growl on a dog! The book is about training people, animals and himself — Karen Pryor

5. Swearing should not be tolerated. How to learn to resolve and prevent conflicts — David D. burns

6. To love with open eyes — Jorge Bucay, Sylvia Salinas

7. Rules of love — Richard Templar

8. Men are from Mars, women are from Venus — John gray

9. How to improve relationships. From myth to reality — Russ Harris

Фильмы и книги, которые меняют жизнь

10. Women who love too much. If You “love” means “to suffer”, this book will change Your life — Robin Norwood

11. Rules parents — Richard Templar

12. After three late — Masaru Ibuka

13. Your incomprehensible child — Ekaterina Murashova

14. How to speak that children listened and how to listen to children talk — Adele Faber, Elaine Mazlish

15. A life full of love. Part 1. Messenger. Part 2. Shameful secret, Klaus Joel

16. Conversations on the island. What makes us happy? — Klaus Joel


1. Eye of the Renaissance for a new era. Effective exercises for strengthening of physical and mental health — Sidersky A., Privalov

2. The best strength exercises and workout plans for men — edited by Adam Campbell

3. The best strength exercises and workout plans for women edited by Adam Campbell

4. How to get rid of toxins and toxic substances in the body. Natural way of cleansing — Rudiger Dahlke

5. Ayurvedic cooking — Vasant Lad, Usha Lad

6. Ayurvedic therapy — David Frawley


1. I like Oleg Tinkov

2. Steve Jobs — Walter Isaacson


1.The little Prince — Antoine de Saint-Exupery

2.Chapaev and Emptiness — Victor Pelevin

3. The Death Of Ivan Ilyich. Confession — Leo Tolstoy

4.Hard to be a God. Monday begins on Saturday. Roadside picnic. Over a billion years before the end of the world — Arkady Strugatsky, Boris Strugatsky

5. The magic theater of Hesse

6. Jonathan Livingston Seagull — Richard Bach

7. The Alchemist — Paulo Coelho

8. The adventures of major Zvyagin — Michael Weller

9. Eat, pray, love — Elizabeth Gilbert

10. Legal marriage — Elizabeth Gilbert

11. Shantaram — Gregory David Roberts

Movies that change lives

Russian names of all the films correspond to official releases, which you can find in stores. Another option is to Google and/or Yandex. In brackets are the names in the original language.

If you’ve watched a particular film, will see him again. And not just a regular movie for entertainment, and CONSCIOUSLY.

It is not only important THAT you look, but HOW.

When you are distracted by tea, talk and phone, you can not fully take in the movie. If you sat down to watch the movie — SEE it. Be in this process throughout the film.

It is best to watch the movie alone. So nothing distracts you.

1. Angel-A (Angel-A)

2. Peaceful warrior (Peaceful Warrior)

3. Shrouded in mystery: Down the rabbit hole (What the Bleep!?: Down the Rabbit Hole)

4. Highway 60 (Interstate 60)

5. Always say Yes (Yes Man)

6. Bedazzled (Bedazzled)

7. Pollyanna (Pollyanna)

8. 127 hours (127 Hours)

9. Pay it forward (Pay It Forward)

10. Groundhog Day (Groundhog Day)

11. Mystery (The Secret)

12. The Truman Show (Truman Show)

13. Forrest Gump (Forrest Gump)

14. Fight club (Fight Club)

15. Spring, summer, fall, winter… and spring (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter… and Spring)

16. Every Sunday (Any Given Sunday)

17. The Shawshank redemption (The Shawshank Redemption)

18. Revolver (Revolver)

19. Matrix (The Matrix)

20. One flew over the cuckoo’s nest (One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest)

Фильмы и книги, которые меняют жизнь

21. The green mile (The Green Mile)

22. Knockin ‘ on heaven (Knockin’ on Heaven’s Doors)

23. Until he kicked the Bucket (Bucket List)

24. The Game (The Game)

25. I’m Sam (I Am Sam)

26. Anger management (Anger Management)

27. The pursuit of happyness (The Pursuit of Happyness )

28. Julie & Julia (Julie & Julia)

29. Magnolia (Magnolia)

30. Dead poets society (Dead Poets Society)

31. Hero (Ying xiong/Hero)

32. American beauty (American Beauty)

33. Waking life (Waking Life)

34. The Holy mountain (The Holy Mountain)

35. Anonymous (Anonymous)

36. Dogville (Dogville)

37. Breaking the waves (Breaking the Waves)

38. Big fish (Big Fish)

39. Avatar (Avatar)

40. Million dollar baby (Million Dollar Baby)

41. Gran Torino (Gran Torino)

42. The curious case of Bejamin Button (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button)

43. Hachiko: the Most loyal friend (Hachiko: A Dog’s Story)

Фильмы и книги, которые меняют жизнь

44. A walk to remember (Walk to Remember)

45. Perfect world (A Perfect World)

46. Broken flowers (Broken Flowers)

47. Dead Man (Dead Man)

48. The limits of control (The Limits of Control)

49. Rain man (Rain Man)

50. Scent of a woman (Scent of a Woman)

51. Meet Joe Black (Meet Joe Black)

52. The last Emperor (The Last Emperor)

53. Revolutionary road (Revolutionary Road)

54. What dreams may come (What Dreams May Come)

55. Love actually (Love Actually)

56. Pelican (Nicostratos le pelican)

57. Anonymous (Anonymous)

58. The invention of lying (The Invention of Lying)

59. Wag (Wag the Dog)

60. Girl with a pearl earring (Girl with a Pearl Earring)

61. Dances with wolves (Dances with Wolves)

62. P. S. I love you (P. S. I Love You)

63. Sweet November (Sweet November)

64. Proximity (Closer)

65. Aztec sun (In July)

66. Bitter moon (Bitter Moon)

67. The notebook (The Notebook)

68. The painted veil (The Painted Vail)

69. Atonement (Atonement)

70. Pride and prejudice (Pride and Prejudice)

71. The Reader (The Reader)

72. The Pianist (The Pianist)

Фильмы и книги, которые меняют жизнь

73. The Beginning (Inception)

74. Secondhand lions (Secondhand Lions)

75. Darkness (Black)

76. Leon (Leon)

77. Detective (Sleuth)

78. Of moneyball (Moneyball)

79. Empty house (Bin-jip / 3-Iron)

80. Jeeves and Wooster (Jeeves and Wooster)

81. Sex and the city (Sex and the City)

82. The man at the window (directed by Dmitry Meskhiev)

83. Epilogue (directed by Marlen Khutsiev)

84. Autumn marathon (directed by Georgiy Daneliya)

85. The very Munchausen (directed by mark Zakharov)

86. Ordinary miracle (directed by mark Zakharov)

87. Kill the dragon (directed by mark Zakharov)

88. Formula of love (directed by mark Zakharov)

89. The eldest son (directed by Vitaly Melnikov)

90. Playing the victim (film Director Kirill Serebrennikov)

91. St George’s day (directed by Kirill Serebrennikov)

92. Wild pitch (directed by Mikhail Kalatozishvili)

93. Stalker (directed by Andrei Tarkovsky)

94. Black eyes (directed by Nikita Mikhalkov)

95. You never dreamed of (Director: Ilya Frez)

96. The walk (directed by Alexei Uchitel)

97. Piter FM (directed by Oksana Bychkova)

98. Plus one (directed by Oksana Bychkova)

99. I’m not in pain (directed by Alexey Balabanov)

100. What men talk about (directed by Dmitriy Dyachenko)

Фильмы и книги, которые меняют жизнь

101. What more do men (directed by Dmitriy Dyachenko)

102. Hare over the abyss (directed by Tigran Keosayan)

103. House of the sun (Director Garik Sukachev)

104. Cuckoo (directed by Alexander Rogozhkin)

105. The island (directed by Pavel Lungin)

106. Muslim (directed by Vladimir Khotinenko)

107. 2 days (Director: Dunya Smirnova)

108. The practice of beauty (directed by Victor Semiramis)

109. Then — silence (video production by Anatoly Efros, in the role Faina Ranevskaya and Rostislav Plyatt)

110. Juno and Avos (video production by Mark Zakharov, starring Nikolai Karachentsov, Anna Bolshova)

111. Memorial prayer (video production by Mark Zakharov, starring Yevgeny Leonov, Aleksandr Abdulov)

112. Jester Balakirev (video production by Mark Zakharov, starring Oleg Yankovsky, Nikolay Karachentsov)

113. Happy people (a documentary in 4 parts, directed by Dmitry Vasyukov)

114. Mysteries of love (documentary, directed by Anastasia Popova)

115. The mystery of death (documentary, directed by Anastasia Popova)

116. Meeting with academician D. S. Likhachev in the Studio “Ostankino” (1987)

117. The last and only interview of F. G. Ranevskaya (1979)

118. Birds 2: Journey to the edge of the world (March of the Pinguins)

119. Barack (Baraka)

120. Koyanisqatsi (Koyaanisqatsi)

121. Ashes and snow (Ashes and Snow)

122. Ambergris (Ambra)

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