Mps want to force the grocery chains to explain

Des députés veulent forcer les chaînes d’épiceries à s’expliquer

The great patrons of the grocery store chains canada are likely to have to be accountable to the parliament after the abolition sudden bonus of $ 2 for their front line employees.

The mps in Ottawa do not digest that in the space of 24 hours, all grocery stores the properties of the banners Metro, Super C, Adonis, Jean-Coutu), Loblaw (Maxi, Provigo, Pharmaprix), and Empire (IGA, Rachelle Berry) have announced the end of the premium of $ 2 in place at the beginning of the pandemic.

A liberal mp has proposed to convene the representatives of these companies so that they explain their decision to cancel on the same day, the modest increase of the salaries of employees of grocery stores of first-line during the pandemic, including the way in which these decisions are consistent with competition laws “.

The pandemic is not even finished and already they are returning to the old ways, while many of these companies have earned significant profits (because of the COVID) “, has noted in interview to the Newspaper the liberal in toronto Nathaniel Erskine-Smith, who has presented this motion.

Many Canadians are struggling to make ends meet at the present time, and these workers often put their health at risk in order that all may be nourished, he recalled.

Debate tomorrow

The motion should be debated tomorrow in the committee of the innovation, science and technology. Mr. Erskine-Smith is expected to be adopted, since it has the support of the members of the conservative Party and the New democratic Party (NDP).

“The workers have been on the front line for months. They had a modest bonus. They are still in danger. Cut the bonus to $ 2, I think it’s cheap in tabarouette “, exclaimed the deputy leader of the NDP, Alexandre Boulerice.

The Bloc québécois is supported and not yet having taken a decision in this regard.

Silence in the grocers

Remember that the profits of most large grocery store chains have jumped significantly since the beginning of the confinement. They may even know of the years records.

They have refused to respond to our questions yesterday.

“We will not comment, merely said Geneviève Grégoire, Metro. IGA, which has multiplied the blows media since the beginning of the crisis of the COVID-19, has not responded to our calls. Loblaws no more.

To explain the end of the prime, Ms. Gregory stated that Metro ” is no longer working in the conditions of crisis that prevailed from march through may, while the grocery stores were among the only retailers that are open to the public. The demand is stabilizing, while other businesses re-opened their doors “.

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