Mr. Smile is more

M. Sourire n’est plus

The death of an employee of 80 years of cinema Cineplex Beauport, nicknamed Mr. Smile by his colleagues and the customers of the place, resulted in a rain of tributes on the social networks. A tribute is planned at the re-opening of the establishment on 3 July.

The kindness, the smile and the good mood of Jacques Delisle scored an incredible wealth of people who have crossed his path. He died of a cancer storm that has attacked his lungs and his bones, the 15th June last. He had received his diagnosis less than a month before, on may 21.

The regulars of the cinema Beauport remember all of the man who welcomed them warmly, for tearing up their tickets and direct them to the correct room.

“Each time we went, it was my daughters, telling them that it was of the beautiful great visit ! It really was a sower of happiness ! “wrote Annie Gaudreau Desrochers, under a publication of Cineplex announcing the death of Mr. Delisle.

“Such a nice guy that made us in a good mood with its warm and unique,” wrote Gabriel Morissette.

A never-before-seen

Never the death of an employee of the cinema Beauport has generated as much sympathy.

“This is the first time that it happens, they have never seen it,” says the wife of the deceased, Ginette Denis.

The wife of the deceased said saddened, but not surprised by this wave of love.

“It is very touching, but I’m not surprised. He received two plaques of recognition ; one of the great patron of Toronto and another of that of Quebec, to thank him, ” she continued.

It’s been 9 years that Mr. Delisle worked at the cinema. Despite his age, the man did not want to stop. “He loved his job and the people. He was accustomed to with the public. When he was a teacher, he was always surrounded by young people, and he found the same dynamic in the movies, in addition to continue to be with the public, ” says Ms. Denis.

Mr. Smiles has taught for 33 years. In his retirement he has also worked in the family orchard, located in Neuville.

A tribute

The news has also saddened the team work of Mr. Delisle. The director of Cineplex Beauport, Jason Strachan, indicates that a tribute to him will be made shortly.

“He was an ambassador for our cinema,” said Mr. Strachan. You wouldn’t think that the scope of the work a person can go too far. It was a reaction to the reopening of the theatre, because when Mr. Delisle will not be there, people will seek. “

“For Jacques, it was fun to come to work. At his age, he had the choice to stay at home or come to work and wear council and share his experience. “

And the client was attached to this man ” that was really the difference.”

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