Multiplication of the protests of caregivers exhausted and helpless

Multiplication des protestations de soignants épuisés et démunis

The protests of caregivers are on the rise in central America, where hospitals are on the verge of collapse, with the exception, for the moment, Costa Rica.


In Guatemala (17 million inhabitants, 32 939 proven cases and 1350 deaths, doctors have threatened to stop work if they continue to not be paid and if they were not provided with safety equipment health.

Members of parliament, ombudsman and rights organisation human rights alert also on the catastrophic situation in the hospitals in the country.

For his part, the president of guatemala Alejandro Giammattei insane that these institutions are overwhelmed.

Of the images released by the AFP and the Representation of human rights defenders (HDRS) show rooms, hospitals, and saturated in the inability to receive the sick and the garbage that piles up.


At least 25 doctors and 40 other health care providers have died from the coronavirus in el Salvador, according to the union of doctors, which has demonstrated Tuesday to demand protective equipment.

Yet on Thursday, a thousand of health-care workers marched in the capital to demand containment and stringent.

“We don’t want even more dead, even more contagion. We require quarantine, otherwise the health system will collapse”, said to AFP the Dr. Ricardo Monge, one of the organizers.

The Salvador (6.6 million inhabitants), accounts for officially nearly 11,000 cases, including 298 deaths.


Doctors in northern Honduras have threatened to abandon their post at the hospital if the government does not order the closure of fast food restaurants and factories for export, which are hotbeds of infection.

“We have to say that if the +maquila+ (workshops, assembly for export, – editor’s NOTE) does not close, we will close hospitals,” he warned, on the verge of tears, the vice-president of the Council of the college of physicians, Dr. Samuel Santos.

In Honduras (9.3 million inhabitants), there are more than 30 000 confirmed cases and over 800 deaths. Experts believe, however, that these figures are under-estimated.

Four sorting centers of the sick have been improvised in the country, including one at the new headquarters of the presidency. Without these facilities, the hospitals would be completely overwhelmed, has recognized the honduran president Juan Orlando Hernandez.

More than a dozen of health-care workers have died from the coronavirus, and the spokesperson of social Security in Tegucigalpa has recognized that, for a single hospital in the capital, half-a-thousand doctors and nurses were contaminated.

Hundreds of people demonstrated Wednesday to protest against the corruption, which has been in full swing in the procedures for the purchase of medical equipment, according to the president of the Council of the college of physicians, the Dr. Suyapa Figueroa.

The government has paid $ 47 million for the seven hospitals of 400 beds. Only two of them arrived at the port (may be incomplete), and are blocked at customs, in the absence of invoices.


Fifty doctors demonstrated on Thursday in front of the hospital Arnulfo Arias Madrid, the largest of Panama, and to claim hardware protection and screening, and hiring of caregivers.

“I’m a doctor, not a martyr”, “We, too, fall sick,” proclaimed placards brandished by the demonstrators, exhausted by four months of fighting against the virus.

On Thursday, the country of four million inhabitants, accounted for a thousand dead and more than 50 000 confirmed cases. And the statistics soar, with more than 1100 cases being detected on a daily basis.


In Nicaragua, it is the “denial” of the government of president Daniel Ortega, who is denounced by the doctors.

More than fifteen doctors of public health were dismissed in full pandemic to be criticized in two open letters to the management of the crisis by the authorities.

Nicaragua is the only central American country not to have ordered the containment measures. The authorities even organize demonstrations and rallies, even if they have renounced the celebration of mass on Sunday for the 41st anniversary of the sandinista revolution that overthrew the dictatorship of Somoza.

“It is forbidden for doctors to write Covid-19 on death certificates. They have to put atypical pneumonia or other cause of death”, according to Dr. Gustavo Mendez, one of the doctors dismissed.

The Dr. Mendez has decided, like many of his colleagues dismissed, to continue the fight against the coronavirus with the means of the board, and has set up a consulting room in his living room.

The official statistics is largely under-evaluated, according to the physicians, were state the last week of 2846 confirmed cases and 91 deaths.

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