Municipal councilor loses her delegation after racist remarks

    Municipal councilor loses her delegation after racist remarks

    The Rotonde fountain, in Aix-en-Provence – FOURMY MARIO / SIPA

    Françoise Terme, assistant to the town hall of Aix-en-Provence, had her delegation withdrawn following the publication of racist remarks on her Facebook page which the newspaper La Marseillaise cites as an example.

    The comments in question were revealed on December 13 by Cyril di Méo, counselor (PS) of the opposition. The elected member of the Aix en sharing group had kept the screenshots of several posts. A useful precaution, since the elected official had deleted the posts from her Facebook page.

    Words shared on his wall and not written according to the elected official

    From December 14, the mayor (LR) Maryse Joissains decided to withdraw from Françoise Terme her delegation to the Aix districts of Saint Miter and Jas de Bouffan.

    Maryse Joissains justified it as follows: “This sharing on Facebook, legitimately criticized, takes place in a context of violence caused by the numerous attacks which have brought mourning to France (…) but it is the role of the elected not to give in to his anger and to remain in control of his emotions. “Following this decision, Françoise Terme explained that the racist posts had been shared on her wall and not written by her. She recognizes « willingly not knowing how to use or master the technical complexity, for a woman of my age, of social networks. ”

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